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Comparing Broadband Providers

There are plenty of cheap broadband deals out there. But if you’re thinking of switching provider, getting a great price isn’t always the main priority. You’ll also want to check download speeds, data limits, and whether or not to bundle your phone and broadband, and even you’re TV, into one package.


You can easily compare broadband packages with But we’ve also taken a closer look at what each of the leading broadband providers brings to the table.


This page is all about TalkTalk broadband, so continue reading for the details. For other providers, click here.

What does TalkTalk offer?

TalkTalk uses the BT Openreach network to deliver its phone and broadband offering. The supplier offers affordable bundles combining broadband, phone and ‘You View’ TV services. Its premium TV offering includes all five Sky Sports channels, but not BT Sport. 

What type of packages can I get?

Here’s a bit more detail on some of the broadband packages you can get from TalkTalk. 

Does TalkTalk Broadband come with any extras?

All of TalkTalk’s broadband packages come with totally unlimited broadband, which means no download limits, so no extra charges for exceeding them.


What’s more, TalkTalk customers receive special wireless routers: the Advanced Technology Router is optimised specifically for TalkTalk broadband. Customers also get free online protection with HomeSafe security software.


And finally, there’s the Talk2Go app, which allows TalkTalk customers to use the landline minutes from their packages on their mobile phones. 

What’s TalkTalk’s customer service like?

TalkTalk’s customer service team is free to call from TalkTalk landlines, and advisers are on hand to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


How satisfied are TalkTalk customers with the support they receive? Well, TalkTalk has won awards for the overall value of its offering service in the past. However, an Ofcom study in 2014 ranked the company third out of the ‘big four’ broadband providers for customer service. 

How do I switch to TalkTalk?

Because TalkTalk is one of 200 companies on the Openreach network, switching to one of its packages should be a ‘one-touch’ procedure. In a nutshell, you sign up, and Ofcom rules oblige TalkTalk to do the rest.


You might need to place a call to your current provider to let them know you’re moving on, but that shouldn’t take long. Just watch out for any cancelation fees if you’re ending your existing contract early.


There’s one exception to this process, and that’s if you're switching from a cable supplier, such as Virgin Media. In which case, you’ll need to stop the cable service before your new broadband supply can start. But don’t worry: your new provider will make clear what you need to do. 

Can I save money by switching to TalkTalk?

There’s always the possibility of paying less for your broadband by switching provider. It will all depend on what sort of deal you want, and what’s available in your area.


We can help. Click the compare prices button to compare TalkTalk broadband deals. Pick and choose from the available options, and we’ll search the market for you, to make it easy for you to compare broadband.


We’ll list out all of the relevant packages on offer where you live, along with their monthly charges, additional costs, data limits and extras.


Try today, and see how much you could save. 

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