TalkTalk broadband deals

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Frequently asked questions

  • What does TalkTalk offer?
  • What are the different TalkTalk broadband packages?
  • What about extras?
  • How do I switch to TalkTalk broadband?
  • Will I save with TalkTalk broadband?

What does TalkTalk offer?

The company offers three types of broadband deals:

  • Fast Broadband
  • Faster Fibre Broadband, which can be boosted with Faster Fibre Speed Boost 
  • Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband

Fast Broadband 
With average speeds of 11Mb, this is fine for a couple of devices being online at the same time. 

Faster Fibre Broadband
This is the brand’s superfast fibre broadband service, with average speeds of 35Mb. This allows unlimited usage and lets multiple devices access the internet at the same time.

Faster Fibre Speed Boost 
Offers average download speeds of 63Mb.

Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband
Depending on your location, you could access speeds of 900Mb/s.

What are the different TalkTalk broadband packages?

TalkTalk offers a range of home broadband (including phone) and TV packages for you to choose from. 

Phone services  

TalkTalk doesn’t currently offer any specific broadband and phone packages. Instead, a phone service is included with all of the company’s broadband packages. Any calls you make are simply charged at the standard rate on top of your package and line rental costs. 

However, there are some ‘Calling Boosts’ options that you could add to your standard TalkTalk package. And the good news is that these don’t have any tie-in period. You can dip in and out of them each month. 

The call boosts include:

  • Unlimited UK Calls - Unlimited calls to UK mobiles and landlines 24/7.
  • International Saver - Discounted rates to many international destinations - from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - saving you money when you call both landlines and mobiles abroad.
  • International Extra – 1,000 landline minutes to 50 countries - including Poland and India - to standard price numbers. Plus discounted rates to all international destinations
  • International Max – 1,000 mobile and landline minutes to 50 countries – including Romania and Ireland - to standard price numbers. Again, this gives you guaranteed discounted rates to all international destinations  


There are two key TV and broadband packages from TalkTalk:

  • TV Lite Box: This includes over 80 Freeview channels, 30 entertainment channels and 7-day catch up. You can also pause and rewind live TV and the package comes with TV Boosts so you can add and remove premium channels on a flexible 30-day rolling contract.  
  • TV Plus Box: This comes with the same features as the TV Lite Box, with the added feature of being able record over 180 hours of programmes. 

What about extras?

  • All of TalkTalk’s broadband packages come with totally unlimited broadband, which means no download limits, so no extra charges for exceeding them.
  • All fixed rate customers receive a Super Router, optimised specifically for TalkTalk broadband. Customers also get HomeSafe security software for free online protection.

How do I switch to TalkTalk broadband?

TalkTalk say they will have you up and running in as little 15 working days. 

If you're with BT, EE, Plusnet or Sky, TalkTalk can cancel your contract with them once your order has been placed.

If you’re with Virgin Media or don’t have a phone line, you’ll need a new phone line. TalkTalk will ask you to choose an installation date and time. If you're switching from Virgin Media, wait until your TalkTalk service is live before contacting them to avoid disruption to your service.

Will I save with TalkTalk broadband?

The broadband market is very competitive, so do your research before signing up to a new provider. There are usually plenty of offers from the various suppliers.

With Compare the Market, you can easily compare broadband deals for your area simply by entering your postcode, and get a quote in less than 1 minute.  

We can list the relevant package details including: 

  • monthly charges
  • line rental, speeds
  • connection costs
  • download limits 
  • any extras or freebies on offer

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