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Advanced driving courses

An advanced driving course is a great way to improve your confidence and driving skills. Taking one could even lower the cost of your car insurance.

An advanced driving course is a great way to improve your confidence and driving skills. Taking one could even lower the cost of your car insurance.

Written by
Rory Reid
Car and technology expert
Last Updated
12 MAY 2023
5 min read
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What is an advanced driving course?

Advanced driving courses are designed to hone your road skills so you can become a safer and more competent driver.

Whether you’re scared of driving on motorways or simply want to brush up on your skills, expert teaching could boost your confidence and driving ability.

Who can take an advanced driving course?

Anyone with a full licence can take an advanced driving course, from young drivers who’ve recently passed their test to over-70s who want to refresh their knowledge. Different courses concentrate on different aspects of driving, so look around for one that suits your needs.

What advanced driving training courses are available?

Here’s our round-up of advanced driving courses available in the UK.

IAM RoadSmart

IAM RoadSmart is a registered charity that champions road safety in the UK. IAM courses are dedicated to helping drivers and motorbike riders improve their skills.

IAM RoadSmart offers a range of Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Quality Assured advanced driving courses. These include:

  • Advanced Driver Course – a comprehensive course, divided into 6-12 sessions. You’ll focus on road position, speed, gear, acceleration, and more. The course costs £175, but after taking your advanced driving test, you’ll receive full IAM membership, which could reduce your car insurance premium. There’s also a fast-track advanced course with one-to-one advanced driver training. It takes place over two half days and costs £480. After the course you’ll be a certified expert driver.
  • Young Driver Assessment – for drivers aged 17-26, this one-hour course should give you greater confidence and road skills. The course includes an on-road assessment in your own car and one-to-one advice tailored to you. Great for young drivers who lack experience.
  • Mature Driver Review – this one-hour session could suit older drivers who’ve lost confidence, or simply want to sharpen their skills. A qualified expert gives you an honest, unbiased review of your driving in your own car. They then support you to make improvements.

Pass Plus advanced driver training

The Pass Plus Scheme is ideal for new drivers who’ve recently passed their test. This short course, recognised by the DVSA, takes about six hours and covers a range of conditions such as night driving, and urban and rural driving. 

There’s no test at the end, but your instructor will assess your performance and, to complete the course, you’ll need to reach the required standard in all modules. You can then apply for a Pass Plus advanced driving certificate from the DVSA, which you’ll need to apply for a discount on your car insurance.

Prices vary, depending on where you live, the instructor, and length of training. Some local councils offer discounts – for details, visit GOV.UK.

RoSPA Advanced Driving Course

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) runs Advanced Drivers and Riders courses through local groups. You’ll be assigned a volunteer tutor and can take as many training sessions as you feel you need to take your Advanced Driving Test. 

Sessions are free, and take place in the evening and on weekends. There’s a fee for membership and the test costs £77.

The RoSPA also offers an advanced driving qualification delivered by fleet safety professionals. The course focuses on improving confidence, reducing your crash risk, improving fuel consumption, and reducing vehicle wear and tear.

AA Advanced Driving Courses

The AA runs a range of driver safety courses, with specialist training from AA-qualified instructors. Courses include:

  • AA Pass Plus – a six-hour course to enhance driving skills and develop new ones.
  • Refresher driving lessons – these are ideal for drivers who are feeling out of practice or want to expand their skills. You can have as many sessions as you like to practice skills like urban and rural driving, night driving, and all-weather driving.
  • Motorway driving lessons – if you’re nervous about driving on motorways, this course could increase your confidence on multi-lane roads.

Prices vary, but you can get a discount on your first booking.

How are advanced driving courses different from ordinary driving lessons?

Advanced driving courses assume you’ve passed your test and already have basic driving skills. Advanced courses will help you hone these, as well as focusing on areas where you want to improve your skills and confidence.

These can include:

  • Motorway driving
  • Night driving
  • Rural driving.

Why take an advanced driving course?

Advanced driver training can make you a highly skilled driver and less of an accident risk.

You may find certain aspects of driving challenging – for example, driving in wet or icy weather, joining or leaving motorways, or using roundabouts. The courses can ease your anxieties and help you cope with the demands of the road.

Additional driving qualifications can help you become more competent behind the wheel. And using your car more efficiently may reduce your fuel costs and mean your tyres last longer.

Will taking an advanced driving course reduce my car insurance?

Taking an advanced driving course may lower your car insurance because insurance providers typically see advanced drivers as lower risk.

However, there’s no guarantee that doing a course will reduce your costs. You’ll also need to offset the cost of the course against any discount.

But if you can create a track record of driving without accidents, you can build a no claims bonus.

Another way to save on your car insurance is to shop around and compare quotes. Comparing with us can help you find a cheaper deal.

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