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Can I find the best value deals on price comparison websites?

Can I find the best value deals on price comparison websites?

Consumers are always searching for ways to save on bills and insurance premiums. So can we help or hinder in this process?

We allow customers to compare prices on a range of insurances, loans, credit cards, energy prices and various other household bills. So how can you make the best use of us?

Daniel Hutson
From the Motor team
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Posted 12 NOVEMBER 2019

Ensure you enter your basic needs correctly

Make sure that the list of prices you are looking at is the right one. For example, it’s no good looking at a list of basic third party car insurance prices if you require comprehensive cover; or looking at a list of life insurance premiums if you need combined life and critical illness insurance.

Don’t just focus on price

Using a price comparison site may prompt you to automatically purchase the cheapest policy. However, the basic monthly or annual premium quoted on the site should not be your only consideration. For insurance purchases, you should also consider things such as:

  • The level of insurance cover provided
  • The level of the policy excess
  • Whether you wish to purchase any add-on insurances offered by the insurance provider

As an example, the lowest cost car insurance policy is unlikely to include perks such as the provision of a replacement hire car should your vehicle be damaged in an accident.

For more complex insurances such as critical illness and private medical, you need to pay close attention to the level of cover offered.

A simple list of prices available from different insurance providers also says nothing about the quality of customer service you can expect.

Never purchase an insurance policy without reading at least the policy summary, to make sure that it is an appropriate purchase for your needs and circumstances. If you are unsure about what a policy offers, then contact the insurance provider directly before deciding whether to purchase.

Beware of assumptions

We have a number of assumptions on our site to try and reduce the amount of time it takes to fill out questions. A customer will need to click a box confirming they agree with T&Cs which will include that they’re confirming all the information submitted is accurate and correct.

It’s important to note that if you’ve been convicted of an offence in the past and don't untick the box yourself, you could be left with an insurance policy that won't pay out.

Assumptions may also be made about your personal circumstances. For example, a home insurance quote might assume you have a standard home and you have a thatched roof or live on a flood plain. Double check the questions otherwise you could end up buying a policy you aren't able to claim on.

They aren’t giving advice

Listings on price comparison sites are not designed to provide professional financial advice. Just because a product appears prominently on one of their searches does not mean that it is necessarily a good fit for your individual circumstances. You can’t complain to the site if you purchase a policy that turns out to be inappropriate.

Significant savings can be achieved

Using a price comparison site in the right way can be very rewarding in terms of the savings that can be achieved on car insurance premiums. 

Keep comparing policies regularly

Once you’ve purchased a policy, be sure to keep comparing prices and policy benefits on a regular basis. If the insurance is annually renewable, don’t automatically accept your existing insurance provider’s renewal quote. For other insurances, such as life insurance and critical illness insurance, check regularly whether you can obtain the same cover for a better price by switching insurance provider.

Additional features

Some price comparison sites allow you to set reminders for renewal dates. Some allow you to view information on how customers have rated their insurance providers.

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