Courtesy car insurance cover

Courtesy car cover is often included as part of your comprehensive car insurance package, rather than a stand-alone policy. It provides a car for you to use for your day-to-day activities while your own car is in the garage after an accident.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Will my courtesy car be insured?

It might be. If you’re getting repairs carried out on your car, then your garage could provide a courtesy car. However, you won’t necessarily be covered under their insurance policy, so you may need to temporarily add it to your own policy for the duration of repairs.

will my courtesy car be insured

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Remember to check your policy

The details can vary between individual insurance providers, and this is only a general overview.

For example, some insurance providers offer courtesy car cover as standard for all comprehensive and third party, fire and theft policies, and you can claim several times each year. In comparison, others will only provide a courtesy car if one is available, and even then, only if you use an approved repair centre. Some don’t offer a courtesy car as standard, but cover can be applied as part of an add-on.
An independent financial research firm called Defaqto listed 226 different comprehensive car insurance policies. At that time, 211 of those 226 comprehensive policies included access to a courtesy car as a standard part of their policy. Nine others offered it as an add-on to their comprehensive policies, and only six had no courtesy car provision at all.

How do I get a quote including courtesy car cover?

Start a quote with us, telling us a bit about you, your car and what level of cover you’ll need. Our online comparison service will do all the leg work for you and provide you with a range of competitive quotes that suit your needs. You’ll be able to view all the details of the different policies available to check whether the policies offer a courtesy car.

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