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How long is my insurance quote valid for?

If you’re looking at car or home insurance  but usually have a habit of making impulse purchases, you might just see a great deal and think you have to have it – job done. If you’re more of a ‘mull it over and we’ll see if it’s right for me’ sort of person, chances are you’ll save your quotes and think about it for a bit. But exactly how long have you got before you need to decide and what can you do if you realise you made the wrong choice? Well, here are the facts.

Don’t I have 30 days to make a decision until the quote expires?

Not always. How long a quote is valid for is down to the insurance provider. If you’re using our insurance comparison service, we’ll save your searches but there’s no guarantee that the price shown, will be the price you’ll get when you purchase.

This is because some insurance quote expiry times are as long as 60 days whilst others update in ‘real time’ so could change at any point in the future. You also need to be aware that changing any of your details – even tweaking the job description can affect your price. Car insurance is competitive for all types, from fully comprehensive to third party cover, and prices change quickly so if you’ve seen a great price on a package that suits you, the only way to guarantee it, is to buy it there and then.

How long is my car insurance quote valid for?
can I cancel my insurance policy

What happens if I clicked ‘buy’ too soon and I want to change my mind?

If you’ve been a little too keen and bought something that on reflection isn’t quite right, then don’t worry. By law, you have a 14 day cooling off period with your insurance provider and you can cancel the policy anytime within this with them. Some insurance providers may give you slightly longer, but you’ll need to check this with them.

Your 14 days starts from when the policy begins or when you receive the policy paperwork – whichever is the later date. You should receive a refund for anything that you have already paid for, but you’ll probably be expected to pay for the few days that the policy was active for, as well as admin fees.

You can still cancel your policy after the cooling off period and in most cases you’ll be refunded for any months you have left on the policy. You are also likely to be expected to pay a cancellation fee and admin charges, so this may wipe out any refund you’re owed.

How can I be sure I’m getting the best price?

There are lots of insurance providers out there so it can be bamboozling to know where to start. So using our insurance comparison service really is the best way for you to compare and find the right policy for you.

If that’s not an incentive, then perhaps you’ll be interested to know that 50% of our customers could save up to £289.47¹ on their car insurance with us, whilst 50% of our home insurance customers could save up to £73.91². So compare car or home insurance today and see how much you could save.

¹ Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during August 2017. 50% of consumers could achieve this saving with comparethemarket.com Motor Insurance.

² Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during August 2017. 50% of consumers could achieve this saving on their Buildings and Contents insurance with comparethemarket.com. 

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