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Car insurance for women

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Everything you need to know about women's car insurance

In the past, it was easier for women to find cheap deals on their car insurance than for men. That’s no longer the case as European law made it illegal for insurance providers to use gender as a basis to calculate insurance. But fear not. It’s still possible to save money on car insurance for women by shopping around.

Frequently asked questions

Can women drivers get cheaper car insurance than men?

The European Court of Justices’s gender ruling came into effect in December 2012 and had a huge impact on car insurance for women. It meant that insurance providers were prohibited from taking gender into account when calculating the cost of car insurance premiums. As a result, the cost of women’s car insurance rose quite dramatically as providers had to even out prices in relation to the premiums paid by men.  

So, even though women are statistically deemed to be safer drivers than men, these statistics can no longer be taken into account when calculating car insurance for women.  

However, factors considered include:

  • your age
  • the type of car you drive
  • your no claims bonus
  • where you keep your car parked overnight

This means that experienced women drivers with a good driving record can still get a great deal on their car insurance.

What car insurance cover do women need?

There’s three types of car insurance cover available. The one that’s right for you will depend on your personal circumstances:

  • Third party is the most basic cover required by law. It covers you for any injury you cause to another person and any damage to their property. 
  • Third party fire and theft offers the same cover as third party, but you’re also covered if your car is stolen or damaged by fire.  
  • Fully comprehensive car insurance includes all the cover of a third party fire and theft policy, but will also protect you as a driver and pay out for damage to your car.  

It’s important when choosing, to read each policy carefully to ensure you choose one that offers the right cover for you. Don’t assume that third party is always the cheapest. 

What optional extras may be worth considering?

Although not usually included as standard, you may also want to consider if the following optional extras may be valuable to you and worth paying slightly more for:

  • Personal accident cover can provide financial help for death or serious injury caused by a car accident. 
  • Courtesy car cover provides you with a replacement vehicle while your car is out of action. How this works can vary between insurance providers, so check the details carefully. 
  • Breakdown cover could help you get back on the road if your car breaks down. The level of cover varies between providers, so check the details to see whether it meets your needs, or whether you’d prefer to buy breakdown cover separately. 
  • Legal expenses insurance could cover all or some of the legal costs if you’re involved in an accident and need to make a claim, or if another driver makes a claim against you.

How can I cut the cost of car insurance for women?

There’s a number of things you can do to help lower the cost of women’s car insurance.

Increase your voluntary excess

This might result in a cheaper monthly premium. Just make sure you can afford the voluntary excess on top of the compulsory excess set by your insurance provider if you need to make a claim.  

Pay upfront

Pay for your insurance in one go if possible. Although monthly repayments may seem a convenient way of spreading the costs, you may be charged monthly interest on the instalments.  

Our quote page allows you to calculate the difference between the two payment options to help you decide which is right for you.  

Reduce your mileage

Limiting the amount of miles you drive could reduce your risk of having an accident and therefore lower the cost of your car insurance. Your insurance provider will ask for a maximum annual mileage, so set this a low as you realistically can.

Improve your car’s security

Fitting an approved alarm or immobiliser may deter potential car thieves and possibly reduce your car insurance. Speak to your insurance provider beforehand to see if they offer a security discount.  

Consider telematics insurance

Black box, also known as telematics insurance could be a good idea for women as they’re often considered to be safer drivers. A small device is installed in your car, or you can download an app to your phone, which tells your insurance provider how you’re driving. If you drive safely you may be rewarded with cheaper monthly premiums. 

Shop around

Shopping around could also save you money. Comparing quotes with us is not only quick and easy, but could save you up to £247** on your car insurance.   

**Based on Online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during August 2019 50% of customers could save up to £247.34 on their car insurance premium. 

Where can I compare cheap car insurance for women?

Our car insurance comparison service is the perfect place to start. We independently compare a wide range of the UK’s most trusted car insurance providers to find the right deal for you. You can rely on the experience we have – we've insured 1,128,303 women drivers between  1 July 2019 to 1 October 2019.

It only takes a few minutes to enter your details. We’ll then show you policies based on price, cover level, add-ons, and annual or monthly payment options, helping you to choose the right policy to suit your particular needs.

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