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How ‘Acts of God’, or natural disasters, affect your home insurance

What is an ‘Act of God’? And how will it affect your home insurance? In the event of a natural disaster, will you be covered? Here’s what to know. 

Chris King From the Home team
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Is the ‘Act of God’ clause a myth?

The ‘Act of God’ clause is a myth – you won’t find it anywhere in your policy wording – but there’s still a common misconception that insurance providers include an ‘Act of God’ clause in their policies.  

In the event of a natural disaster, such as a fire, flood or storm, you should find your home insurance covers you - although your policy is likely to have exclusions and isn’t going to cover you for all unforeseen circumstances.  

What your insurance provider will and won’t cover will be clearly written in the policy. As always, you’ll have to read the small print to be sure. Keep an eye out for sections relating to natural disasters in this context.

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Can I get ‘Act of God’ home insurance?

No, it doesn’t exist and you shouldn’t need it. Your home insurance should protect you against natural disasters such as fire, flood and storms. Your policy will be clearly written to say what is and isn’t included in your cover. 

In the event of a natural disaster, will my insurance provider turn down my claim? 

If lightning or some other freak weather occurrence damages your property, your insurance provider is unlikely to reject a claim simply because bad weather caused the damage. 

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