Kate Hughes

Insurance expert

Award-winning journalist, author and broadcast commentator, Kate Hughes has been writing about personal finance for 20 years (though obviously, she doesn't look a day over 25).

A lover of all things sustainable, her work has appeared in all the UK broadsheets as well as a number of international titles. She is currently Money Editor for The Independent.

How you could be more ethical with your finances

We get it. You refuse plastic bags and your toothbrush is bamboo. Now what? How do you reduce your impact on the environment without ending up knitting your own tofu in a muddy off-grid yurt?

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How you can use your finances to help reduce racial inequality

We all know money is powerful stuff. Used well, it not only helps us achieve our own goals, but the effect of our spending, saving and investing decisions can spread out like a powerful wave – one that supports and even sometimes changes the lives of people we may never meet.

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The cost of being loyal – why the majority of consumers would rather lose out than move

Fact: the cost of staying put is costing 28 million people £3.4bn a year. Now, grab your wallet and open it. Pull out a bank card, any bank card. Now think about how long you’ve had that account.

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Why out-of-date technology is costing you more than you think

Despite more than a year of lockdowns, we'rre more connected than ever before through technology. But this reliance on technology also makes us vulnerable to cybercrime.

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How to cut the cost of being single for everything, including car insurance

Last week I went out for dinner (yup, the novelty of it is still intoxicating). I tripped my way through the big glass door and asked if they were still serving. The otherwise painfully polite woman at the little rostrum thing looked over my shoulder and asked if it was ‘just me’.

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Slimming clubs: bad for your bank balance and do they even work?

We’re facing an epidemic – one that sadly can’t be alleviated with a double jab. After 18 months of being at home with easy access to the fridge, but precious little to gyms, sports clubs or even the benefits of the “I’m-so-late” power-walking commute, it’s little wonder we’ve piled on the pounds.

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