Buildings insurance for flats: what you need to know

It isn’t a legal requirement to have buildings insurance if you live in a flat but your mortgage provider might require you to have it. If you’re a leaseholder, the buildings insurance for a block of flats could be covered by the freehold owner - although it’s increasingly common for leaseholders to jointly own the freehold and share this.

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Is buildings insurance a legal requirement if I live in a flat?

Buildings insurance is not a legal requirement for your flat, but most mortgage providers will want you to have it in place before they lend you any money so it may well be necessary.

I rent my flat – do I need buildings insurance cover?

If you're renting a flat, it's your landlord's responsibility to pay for buildings insurance. Find out more about buildings insurance if you rent. But don't forget to take out contents insurance to protect your belongings.

I'm a landlord and own several flats – what kind of buildings insurance policy do I need?

As a landlord, you'll want to make sure you have the right protection for your property and tenants (typical home insurance may not be appropriate to cover a rented property if you're not living there). Landlord insurance is designed to cover rental properties and can combine a number of insurance options, from building and contents insurance to rent protection.

Buildings insurance for flats

What doesn't buildings insurance cover?

Buildings insurance won't protect your possessions or anything that isn’t a permanent fixture or fitting inside your flat. For that you need home contents insurance. 

Is my shed covered by buildings insurance?

Buildings insurance covers any permanent fixtures, which can include your shed, as well as your garage and greenhouse. It'll also cover drains, cables and pipes that are your legal responsibility, which is useful when you consider that the cost of fixing a burst pipe can reach £7,500. It will also cover interior fittings like baths, kitchen units and loos.

What should I look out for when buying buildings insurance?

It's worth having a look at the things that aren't covered under the policy – usually known as exclusions. When it comes to buildings insurance, wear and tear, any damage that happens gradually over a prolonged period of time, faulty or poor workmanship and storm damage to fences hedges and gates aren't typically covered.

How much should I insure my flat for?

Your policy should reflect how much your flat would cost to rebuild – not the price you paid for it, or how much it's worth now. And don't forget to review your cover from time to time as rebuild costs tend to rise.

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What should I look out for when buying buildings insurance?

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