Camera insurance: your complete guide

If photography is your passion, then you’ll want to make sure you have the right camera equipment insurance wherever you’re snapping. But will your home contents or personal possessions insurance cover the cost of your camera if it’s lost, stolen or damaged?

Find out how to insure camera equipment in our helpful guide.

If photography is your passion, then you’ll want to make sure you have the right camera equipment insurance wherever you’re snapping. But will your home contents or personal possessions insurance cover the cost of your camera if it’s lost, stolen or damaged?

Find out how to insure camera equipment in our helpful guide.

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Last Updated 22 NOVEMBER 2022

Does home insurance cover include camera insurance?

It depends on your policy. Nearly all contents insurance policies will cover your camera if it’s stolen from your home or damaged in a fire or flood. But most policies have a single-item limit – a cap on how much you can claim for one item. At Comparethemarket, we ask for any items worth more than £1,500 to be specified on your quote – but this limit does vary among home insurance providers.

Your camera won’t be covered outside your home unless your policy includes cover for personal possessions away from home, or you’ve added it on. And it won’t be covered for accidental damage – dropping it and smashing the lens, for example – unless you have accidental damage cover.

If you’ve splashed out on a very expensive camera, you might want to consider dedicated gadget insurance. This can be bought as a standalone policy and will cover a number of gadgets, including your camera equipment, smartphone and tablets, both at home and while you’re out and about. Insuring camera equipment this way typically provides a higher level of cover. Some providers also offer specialist standalone camera insurance.

What does camera insurance include?

Depending on your policy and level of cover, gadget insurance or specialist insurance for camera equipment can include:

  • Loss or theft – covers the cost of replacing your camera if it’s lost or stolen.
  • Accessories – covers your essential camera equipment and accessories up to a certain value.
  • Accidental damage – cover if you drop your camera or spill liquid on it, for example.
  • Mechanical breakdown – if your camera is out of warranty, this can cover the repair costs of faulty parts.
  • Travel cover – so your camera and equipment are protected against theft and damage while you’re away.

What does camera insurance not cover?

There’s a few things that gadget or specialist camera insurance won’t cover. These typically include:

  • Theft, if your camera was left unattended in plain sight – for example, on your car seat.
  • Wear and tear – problems with your camera if it’s old and worn out through long-term use.
  • Cosmetic damage – surface scratches or dents that don’t look pretty but otherwise won’t affect your camera’s functionality.
  • Older and second-hand cameras – there’s often an age limit on cameras of between one and three years. Some policies won’t cover second-hand cameras.
  • Commercial cameras – if you’re a professional photographer, you’ll need dedicated business insurance to protect you, your camera equipment and anything else relating to your photography business.

Travel insurance for cameras

A standard travel insurance policy should cover your personal belongings while you’re away, but you should check to see if it offers enough cover for your camera and equipment.

Single-item limits on travel insurance policies can be quite low, so if your camera is valuable, you might want to consider travel insurance with gadget cover. This can offer a higher level of camera insurance for travel and other gadgets you’re travelling with, like your smartphone or tablet.

Camera insurance for professional photographers

If photography is your bread and butter, then you’ll need to consider dedicated business insurance that includes cover for your camera and camera equipment.

Business insurance for photographers can cover your business camera and equipment, while also protecting you and your business. Policies for professional photographers can be tailored to include:

  • Public liability cover – cover against legal and compensation costs if, say, someone trips over your equipment and is injured or their property is damaged.
  • Professional indemnity cover – covers you for claims against poor work: for example, if you’re a wedding photographer and the bride and groom are unhappy with your photography service.
  • Employers’ liability – if you hire an assistant, you’ll need this by law. It covers employee compensation if they fall ill or are injured while on a job for you.

Home insurance with camera cover

Comparethemarket doesn’t offer standalone camera insurance, but it’s worth considering whether including your camera in your contents insurance would give you enough cover. It can often work out cheaper than taking out a separate standalone gadget or camera insurance policy.

When your compare home insurance quotes with Comparethemarket, we can search for quotes that include accidental damage and personal possessions cover outside the home. This could be a suitable alternative to a standalone gadget or specialist policy when deciding on the best camera insurance option for you.

How much does camera insurance cost?

How much you end up paying will depend on the policy options you choose. When working out how much cover you need, it’s worth compiling a list of all the photography equipment you own. Don’t forget to include any props and accessories – the total value could add up to more than you think.

Frequently asked questions

Does camera insurance cover lost photos?

It depends on the policy, but most camera insurance won’t cover loss of photos, videos or data that were on the device when it was lost, stolen or damaged.

Does camera insurance cover camera equipment?

Most gadget insurance and standalone camera insurance policies will cover several devices, including your camera equipment and camera-related accessories. Check the policy details, though, to be sure you have the cover you need.

Will camera insurance cover water damage?

Most gadget and specialist policies include cover for accidental damage to your camera. If you have accidental damage cover as part of your home insurance then, yes, it should cover your camera for any type of liquid damage, not just water. Accidental damage cover isn’t typically included in home insurance policies as standard, but you can add it on at an extra cost.

Can I insure a camera with previous damage?

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to get cover for a camera that’s not in full working order or one that’s more than three years old.

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