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Are my carpets covered under my home insurance?

You’ve just had beautiful new cream carpets laid throughout your house, you lean down to ruffle the shag pile and whoops – your glass of Merlot tumbles from your hand.


What can you do? After you’ve stopped yelling at yourself for being so clumsy, find out if your carpets are covered under your home insurance.

How can home insurance help?

Carpets can be very expensive – both to buy and get fitted. A spilt glass of wine could end up costing you a small fortune if your carpet needs replacing and you’re not insured. But if you have the right level of home insurance cover in place, you can relax, kick back and enjoy the rest of the bottle.

So are my carpets covered in my home insurance?

Like anything, it depends on the type of policy you have, and the type of damage that’s been done. If your home insurance policy includes both buildings insurance and contents insurance, the good news is it’ll probably cover your carpets if they get damaged by ‘major perils’ e.g. a fire, or flood. But if your carpet’s been damaged by your clumsiness the situation is a bit trickier. 

carpets covered under home insurance

What’s the difference between buildings and contents insurance?

Home insurance is made up of two parts: buildings and contents cover. Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home (the roof, walls and windows) and permanent fixtures and fittings, such as fitted kitchen units and bathroom suites.

The contents section of your home insurance policy covers your belongings – anything you’d take with you when you move, such as curtains, bedding, clothing, your TV, and non-fitted carpets and rugs.

By this reasoning, you’d probably assume that your carpets would be covered under your buildings insurance – after all, they’re nailed down.  But confusingly, fitted carpets are a bit of grey area (no matter what colour they are!). Most providers will cover them under contents insurance. Laminate, wood and tiles are covered by the building insurance but carpets are covered by contents insurance in the event of a flood, fire or vandalism. If you want cover for accidental spillage for example then you will need an additional layer of cover called accidental damage.

What is accidental damage cover?

Adding accidental damage to your policy covers you for items that may be dropped, broken or damaged unintentionally. Although it costs extra, accidental damage cover is a wise idea.

It will cover you for things like spilled red wine on the carpet, accidental damage to furniture caused by nail varnish or spilled paint. 

But as with any insurance policy, it’s important to read the small print to check what you’re covered for. You don’t want to risk being under-insured and find out when you come to make a claim, that you don’t have the right cover.

carpet insurance within a home policy

How can I find the best insurance for my home?

When it comes to any type of home insurance, you want to get the best deal possible.

 So think about:

  • Fitting an alarm: A burglar alarm, motion sensor cameras or lights can bag you a burglar alarm discount or security system discount.
  • Increasing your excess: Increase the excess on your policy, and you’ll lower your premiums.
  • Shopping around. We’ve got all the tools you need to help find the right home insurance provider for you. We’ll explain the key features of each policy and let you filter by options such as voluntary excess amounts. We’ll also show you prices with optional extras such as accidental damage, home emergency cover and family legal protection.

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