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How does building an extension affect my home insurance?

How does building an extension affect my home insurance?

If you’re planning on building an extension – or carrying out any sort of building work on your property – you may need to let your home insurance provider know about it. Here’s why.

Chris King
From the Home team
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Posted 28 FEBRUARY 2020

Do I need to tell my insurance provider about my extension?

Yes, it’s almost certain that you’ll need to tell them. It’s important to keep your insurance provider in the loop as your home insurance could be invalidated if they’re not made aware of any changes. 

Any kind of building work raises the risk you pose to an insurance provider. After all, when walls are knocked through and windows and floors removed, the chances of something going wrong are much higher than they would be otherwise. If you’re having walls and windows removed, this also means your home in general could be less secure than usual. Having builders and other contractors come and go also makes you a greater security risk. 

When should I contact my insurance provider?

You should include them at the planning stages and let them know well before you make any significant changes to your home. This covers additions, renovations and even substantial maintenance projects. 

Will my home insurance cover me during building work?

You’ll need to check that your contractor is covered for any damage caused to your property during the build. If not, you run the risk of invalidating your insurance and not being able to claim.

It’s also worth mentioning that poor or faulty work by a contractor is not usually covered by your home insurance. So, it’s important to do your research and appoint a reputable contractor to carry out the work.  

You may need to find a specialist insurance provider to cover you during the build. That shouldn’t be difficult though, as so many people these days are choosing to extend rather than move. 

It isn’t just extensions, either – the UK has seen a massive 183% rise in the number of homeowners applying to build basements. And our research suggests that a loft conversion could add £15,189, while an extra bathroom could add £13,050. See how the figures stack up in Move or improve? 

If I have an extension, will I have to pay more for my home insurance? 

You might have to because your buildings insurance may increase due to increased rebuild costs of your new, bigger home. You also may need to increase your contents insurance if you buy additional furniture, carpets and so on for your extension. 

But there are lots of ways you can help reduce your home insurance premium. One is to increase your voluntary excess (but make sure you can afford to pay it should you need to make a claim). You could also build up your no-claims bonus, or beef up your home security.

How do I check I have the right home insurance?

Even if you’re not planning big changes, it’s worth reassessing your home insurance cover from time to time. You might discover that you’re no longer insured for the full value of your home due to changes in the housing market and increase in cost of raw materials. Equally, you might find you’re paying too much if the market in your area has dropped. 

Start a quote with us today and we’ll help you find the right level of home insurance at a price you can afford. 

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