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Home Insurance – Are my fences and gates covered?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the answer to this question should be a simple yes or no.

However, the issue has proved contentious following storms in the past and the websites of different insurance providers can appear contradictory. 

So, are fences and gates covered by standard home insurance?

Yes, in theory, your fences and gates are covered by your building insurance cover. A number of insurance providers specifically state as much in their policy documentation and on their websites.

However, you need to read the small print.

Gates and fences may be covered in the event of vandalism or fire but storm damage is often specifically excluded.

We suspect many policy holders would expect their insurance providers to pay out in the event that a storm wreaks havoc in their garden, but experience from previous storms is that sheds, greenhouses, fences and gates may not be covered


fences and gates home insurance cover

Weather damage isn’t covered then?

The position on storm damage is that damage to gates and fences is typically not covered.

If you’re worried about your specific situation then speak to your insurance provider and ask them directly.

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