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Who's responsibility is buildings insurance? Landlord or tenant?

If you rent a house or apartment then you might well be wondering if your landlord should have building insurance. It’s a relatively straightforward question, with a complicated answer.


Your landlord may have buildings insurance, but unless it’s a condition of an outstanding mortgage then don’t assume it’s in place. If the building is paid for, or the mortgage simply doesn’t require it, then there is no legal requirement for buildings insurance at all.

Who is responsible for fixing the property if my landlord doesn’t have building insurance?

The landlord is still obliged to repair any damage and ensure that the property is in a reasonable condition, even if they do not have insurance. Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, your landlord is responsible for structure and exterior, the plumbing, sinks, baths and toilets, water and gas pipes, electrical work and other integral structures like the water and central heating. 

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Does my landlords building insurance cover me?

Even if the landlord has a policy, it does not automatically cover your things. However your possessions could be lost in a fire, burglary or other incident and therefore it is always a good idea to have your own contents insurance in place.

Should I have building insurance of my own?

Building insurance is a type of policy to protect the building, which is the concern of your landlord not you. Your possessions within the property would be covered by your contents insurance. It’s worth noting that your contents insurance doesn’t provide cover for the landlord’s building with the exception of potentially any damage you do to the fixtures and fittings, such as the fitted kitchen or bathroom suite. It just covers your contents and possessions. That means a policy is well worth the investment.

So when you are a tenant then you shouldn’t concern yourself with the landlord having buildings insurance. They might have, they might not, but either way you should worry about your own possessions. Make sure you are covered, even if they aren’t.

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Where can I get a fair quote on contents insurance?

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