What is a loss adjuster and how do they affect my home insurance claim?

Wondering what a loss adjuster does? We answer some common questions about the role of a loss adjuster and how they can affect your home insurance claim.

Wondering what a loss adjuster does? We answer some common questions about the role of a loss adjuster and how they can affect your home insurance claim.

Chris King
Home insurance expert
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Posted 6 JANUARY 2022

What does a home insurance adjuster do? 

If you’re the victim of a burglary, fire or flood and make a large insurance claim, your insurance provider will probably hire a loss adjuster. They’ll assess the damage and make sure you’re claiming for the correct amount. 

You might assume a loss adjuster is only interested in cutting the value of your claim. But they could find you’re claiming too little and increase the value of a pay-out.



What do loss adjusters look for? 

After you make a claim, a loss adjuster will visit your property as soon as possible. Their first priority is to assess whether your insurance policy covers you for the loss. While they’re at your home, the loss adjuster will assess: 

  • the cause of the incident
  • the value of the loss or damage
  • whether you’ve met your insurance policy’s terms and conditions
  • whether you’re claiming for the right amount 

It’s common for the loss adjuster to take photographs of any visible damage. This will support their findings and make sure your claim’s validity isn’t questioned later on.

Are loss adjusters impartial?

Loss adjusters work for your insurance provider. However, there are impartial industry bodies who set out codes of conduct they must adhere to. These are the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters, the General Insurance Standards Council and the Association of British Insurers.

What’s the difference between a loss adjuster and a loss assessor? 

While loss adjusters are appointed by your insurance provider, a loss assessor is someone you can appoint to liaise with the loss adjuster on your behalf. Every policyholder has the right to appoint a loss assessor, although they tend to come on board when people aren’t happy with the way a claim is going.

What can I do to speed up the claim process? 

You can help to speed up the claim process by giving your loss adjuster receipts for any lost or damaged items, as well as any emergency repair work you’ve had done. 

It’s important not to throw anything away until you’ve spoken to your insurance provider and the loss adjuster has visited. Every example of damage is evidence supporting your claim.

What can I do if the loss adjuster makes changes I’m not happy with? 

If you don’t agree with the changes a loss adjuster makes to your home insurance claim, you can hire a loss assessor to manage the claim on your behalf.

Chris King

From the Home team

“Loss adjusters aren’t here to invalidate your claim or cut your pay-out. Their role is to find the quickest, fairest way to settle the claim. If you’re not happy though, you can appoint a loss assessor to manage the claim for you.” 

Can a loss adjuster mean my claim is rejected? 

In some circumstances, a loss adjuster can collect information that results in your insurance provider rejecting your claim. 

Reasons for this might include: 

  • not having the right level of insurance cover
  • withholding information
  • the cause of your claim being wear and tear – something that isn’t covered by home insurance
  • not adhering to the terms and conditions of your policy

To avoid having your insurance claim rejected, make sure you keep your home insurance policy up to date and have enough cover to suit your needs.

Frequently asked questions

Who pays a loss adjuster?

Your insurance provider pays for a loss adjuster. Their role is to assess your claim and agree a settlement between you and your insurance provider.

How do I find a loss assessor?

The Institute of Public Loss Assessors is the professional body representing UK loss assessors. They can link you to an experienced assessor in your area. 

Before appointing your own loss assessor, check how they charge for their services. Some charge a percentage fee, while others may be fee-free but you’ll have to use their recommended contractors for any necessary work.

Can I hire a loss adjuster, rather than a loss assessor?

Yes, you can. Chartered loss adjusters are highly qualified, so this may cost you more. You can find loss adjusters who work with policyholders through the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters.

Who decides how much my claim should be: the loss adjuster or the insurance provider?

That depends. In some cases, the loss adjuster may be authorised to settle the claim. In other cases, they simply make recommendations to your insurance provider.

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