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It’s time to compare landlords insurance

If you’re letting your property out to tenants, having a dedicated landlords insurance policy to protect it could help. You can be comparing policies, specially designed for landlords, in under nine minutes. Landlords policies are available for residential and commercial properties, for short or long-term rentals.


Save time, save money and protect yourself and your investment. Simple.

Frequently thought questions

Like to know more about landlords insurance? Step this way. We’ve put together some frequently thought, but rarely asked questions – things you might have wondered, but weren’t sure who to ask – about getting the right insurance for your rental property.

Do I really need landlords insurance?

If you’re renting out properties to tenants, chances are you’ll probably want specialist cover which includes more than your typical home insurance policy.


57% of landlords in the UK don’t have the correct cover, believing a normal home insurance policy is sufficient. This means you could be missing out on specific landlord insurance features. You could also be out of pocket and potentially liable for any property damage or personal injury.

What protection does landlords insurance provide?

A typical landlords insurance policy will include buildings cover and may include special provisions for loss of rent (if your tenants don’t pay) and personal liability (if your tenants are injured inside your property).

What optional extras can I get on a landlords insurance policy?

Extra features which may be worth considering include vacant premises cover, landlords contents insurance and accidental damage.

What information do I need from my tenants to get landlords insurance?

This is an easy one. Nothing at all! The policy is between the landlord and the insurer and doesn’t require any information from tenants.