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Being a landlord isn’t about sitting back and letting the rent roll in – you’ve got lots of responsibilities to keep on top of. It’s not just tenants you need to keep happy; you want to ensure your investment is sound too – which is why landlord insurance is a good idea. Making sure you’re covered isn’t sending an open invitation to disaster, it’s just about ensuring someone’s got your back if things go wrong.

Frequently thought questions

Sometimes the voice inside your head asks a question and sometimes, there’s no reply. But when you’ve got lots of questions and don’t know who to ask for honest and straightforward advice, it can be tough. So, we’ve put together some ‘frequently thought questions’ about landlord insurance.

Do I really need landlords insurance?

In the UK, 57% of landlords think a regular home insurance policy is adequate when it comes to protecting their property. But the reality is, that by not having specific landlord insurance, you could be missing out on some very handy features leaving you seriously out of pocket. 

What does landlord insurance cover?

Policies will typically provide cover for the building itself, this could provide a pay-out if your property is damaged because of (for example) fire or flood. You may also get compensation if your tenants decide not to cough up their rent and if your tenants leave your property in a less than salubrious state, then you can also be covered for malicious damage.

Are there any optional extras available?

You can of course add extra items to your landlord insurance policy to protect you against all eventualities, such as:

Do I need any information from my tenants?

In a word – no. Any landlord insurance policy that you take out is between you (the landlord) and your insurance provider. You may have to tell your provider when tenants come and go but they shouldn’t need any specific details of who they are or what they do.

How do I compare landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance isn’t about finding the cheapest deal – it’s about getting the right cover for your needs, and that means thinking about all the things that could happen. It might sound melodramatic, but being a landlord comes with responsibilities and it’s important to get it right. Which is why we’ve made it easy to compare landlord insurance at – just tell us what you need and we’ll do all the searching for you; so, let’s get comparing.

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