Insuring your thatched roof

Thatched roofed cottages and homes are highly coveted and charming. But owning a thatched roofed property can be pricey, particularly when it comes to insurance. That’s why it makes sense to shop around and compare insurance quotes: you increase your chances of finding the right level of cover you need at a price you can afford. 

Chris King From the Home team
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What is a thatched roof?

Thatched roofs don’t have tiles on them like ordinary homes; they use dried reeds and grass made into a waterproof roof. Wheat, barley, straw and heather are also commonly used. Water reed is the most durable as it lasts around 60 years, whereas a roof made out of other grasses will only last 30 years and then have to be replaced. They are warm in winter and cool in the summer, and keep out the wind and the rain.

What is a thatched roof?

Do only old properties have thatched roofs?

No, there are plenty of new builds being constructed in England and Wales that have thatched roofs, especially in places like Wiltshire, Dorset and other parts of the West Country.

Can any type of property have a thatched roof?

It can, as long as the roof doesn’t slope more than 45 or 50 degrees. This allows rain water to run off efficiently. You’ll find thatched roofs on small cottages, large country houses and even hotels.

Are thatched roofs more expensive to insure?

Expect to pay more for your buildings or contents insurance as a thatched roof is a bigger fire risk than a slate roof. They also have a more expensive rebuild value than conventional houses because they’ve been built using specific materials by specialists. However, even if you have a thatched roof, you’ll still be able to get home insurance quotes from normal providers. Of course, you might find that a specialist thatched house insurance provider offers more comprehensive cover.

Are thatched roofs more expensive to insure?

How do I compare thatched roof insurance?

You can compare home insurance quotes now with Compare the Market. We have a panel of insurance providers, big and small, including more specialist providers. Just make sure you get the most suitable cover for your property by answering the questions honestly and reading any policy Ts & Cs carefully.

Can I do anything to reduce a premium?

Yes. Your insurance provider may offer you a better deal if you have fire retardant spray, an aluminium foil barrier or Thatchbatts® installed. If you have a chimney, you should also make sure it’s cleaned on a regular basis and get those all-important smoke detectors fitted around the house. All these things may help to get a cheaper thatched roof insurance quote.

Can I do anything to reduce a premium?

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