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Sajni Shah

Head of Product at Compare the Market

Consumer expert on utilities and money

Sajni is passionate about building products, allowing Compare the Market to help you make great financial decisions. She keeps track of the latest trends and evolving markets to find new ways to help you save money.

Sajni’s background in the industry

Sajni has almost 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, starting her career as an intern at the world-renowned Goldman Sachs.

After a decade financing mergers and acquisitions, she delved into the world of fintech, building digital products from loans to award-winning current accounts. It’s safe to say Sajni knows how to look after money!

Sajni’s experience

Sajni at Compare the Market

As a Head of Product, Sajni is responsible for several of Compare the Market’s products. These include utilities like energy and broadband, as well as money products.

Sajni at Starling Bank

Sajni co-headed the product team at Starling Bank, one of the fastest growing neobanks in the UK. She was responsible for developing innovative products and building the banking app for both consumers and businesses.

Sajni at RBS

Sajni spent eight years at RBS. In her early years, she led the financing of mergers and acquisitions of companies across Europe. She was exposed to a wide range of business sectors, including finance, energy, telecoms and media. Later, as an Executive Director, she helped restructure the Bank, successfully unwinding £8 billion of distressed debt.

Sajni’s goal as Head of Product at Compare the Market

“I want to help customers find the most suitable product for them, at the best price, through a seamless experience.”

Sajni Shah commenting on...

Energy prices during the cost-of-living crisis

"Soaring energy costs are making life extremely difficult for many households. It’s important to be aware that if you’re really struggling you need to seek help. Don’t hesitate to contact your energy supplier to see if you’re eligible for help with your energy bills and also check your eligibility for benefits than can help with the bills." 

The benefits of using energy saving light bulbs

“Traditional light bulbs, known as halogen bulbs, work by passing an electric current through a metal filament. When the metal gets hot enough, it produces light. However, a lot of the electricity used to light the bulb is lost as heat.

“Although they cost more to buy initially, energy saving light bulbs can use up to 80 per cent less electricity than a traditional bulb, which could result in savings on your energy bills. Typically, they also last far longer than standard halogen bulbs, so you shouldn't have to replace them as often.”


Which appliances use the most energy

"Electric hobs tend to be more efficient at cooking than gas hobs, but the cost of electricity is higher so they can also cost more to run – around 0.71kWh per use. Microwaves are cheaper and more energy efficient than stoves at warming or reheating food. Meanwhile, slow cookers are a very energy efficient way of cooking and preparing food in larger batches helps to cut energy use, as well as time spent in the kitchen.’’

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