Ofcom heralds ‘text-to-switch’ for mobile phone users

From July 2019, it will be easier to switch mobile phone network thanks to new rules from the regulator

Kelly Whybrow Content Writer
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What are mobile phone network providers going to do?

Providers such as O2, EE and Vodafone have already started rolling out the service, but all mobile network providers will have to comply from 1 July 2019.

How will this improve the switching process?

The current, often time-consuming process usually requires customers to phone their provider, who’ll often try to persuade them to stay. Ofcom says the new switching service will make things quicker and simpler for customers and prevent companies from delaying the switching process.

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“The new switching service will make changing network providers quicker and simpler. Ofcom is eliminating the difficulties customers are facing so they can switch without companies causing delays.”


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