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Is my insurance affected by where I store my motorbike?

Lots of different things will affect the cost of your motorbike insurance; some of them you won’t have any control over (like your age and experience) whilst others will be completely down to you – like whether you’ve modified your bike. And then there’ll be things that you just have to make the best of – like how and where you store your bike. It’s an important factor for insurers in deciding the cost of your premium so it’s worth having a proper think about before you bring home your super-duper brand new superbike and then find out your insurance cost more than the bike itself.

Why does motorbike storage affect my insurance premium?

Insurance is all about calculating the chances of you making a claim – the more likely you are to make one then the more likely it is that your premium will be higher than someone who isn’t. So naturally, where you keep your motorbike will influence the cost of your insurance – store it safely and you could enjoy lower premiums.


Where should I store my motorcycle?

In a perfect world you’d store your motorcycle in something like Fort Knox – at least then you and your insurer would know your bike’s secure. But sadly, as we live in the real world, that’s not going to happen. Although if you are given the opportunity to keep your bike in a garage or on a drive, you should grab it with both hands.

A garage or drive won’t just protect your bike from prying eyes, it’s also more likely to prevent any accidental damage from passing vehicles happening. From a longevity point of view, garages are also beneficial as it protects your bike from the elements, helping stave off the dreaded rust. Not to mention you’re also less likely to find your bike’s become a nature reserve for every bug and creepy crawly known to mankind – although it’s still worth brushing it down lest a spider decides to surprise you while you’re on the road.

Needless to say if you do store your bike in a garage, then that garage needs to be secure (it’d be pretty pointless otherwise). And you can never be too safe, having a garage will also give you opportunity to chain up your bike to something immoveable and if you invest in a security system then you’re safe in the knowledge that all your stuff’s protected. Just make sure you tell your insurance provider– it could save you some pounds.

I don’t have a garage – what should I do?

It’s not the end of the world and there are other steps you can take to make sure your bike’s secure. Being able to park your bike off-road somewhere is a good move.

Immobilisers or brake locks will also deter potential thieves and chaining your bike to something secure will also help. Simply putting a cover over your bike could also go a little way in keeping your pride and joy safe – after all once it’s covered up who’s to say what lies beneath and opportunists are less likely to go prodding and poking around and draw attention to themselves.

An alternative is buying a secure bike shed which comes specially kitted out, but they can be expensive so it’s worth checking with your insurance provider first about how they’d view this in relation to your insurance premium.

Getting the right insurance

Getting the right insurance means telling the truth to your insurance provider – so they can accurately work out the cost of your premium. Little white lies, tempting as they may be, will only end up invalidating your policy if you do come to claim. Finding a deal doesn’t have to be time consuming either – you can do it right here at comparethemarket.com, with over 20 trusted bike insurance partners, we’ll help you find a policy that’ll keep you covered.


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