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Reducing motorbike insurance by taking training courses

Whether you’ve just passed your test or been biking for years, advanced motorbike training can help you become a better rider. They might teach you new techniques, help to refresh your memory or simply erase some bad habits. 


Taking a motorbike training course is not just a money-saving venture. It’s about helping you become safer on the roads and a more considerate rider in general.

However, some insurance providers recognise that riders that take advanced courses are less risky to insure so some courses will help reduce your premium.

It’s important that your course is a proper accredited programme otherwise it’s unlikely to help with your premiums. If you’re in any doubt, ask your insurance providers before you sign up for the course.

With some insurance providers offering a discount of about 10% on your premium, remember you won’t necessarily save the amount that you spend on the course.

That said, your insurance shouldn’t be your primary motivation in the first place!

Check as far as you are able that your chosen course is led by highly skilled trainers. In some cases, they are led by serving or retired police riders.

The courses listed below are approved Government training programmes from their “Think” motorbike campaign. But you may have to speak directly to your insurer to have the reduction in your premium reflected.

Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) – Skill for Life

Cost – £149

Duration – A typical rider requires eight sessions to prepare for the test

The Skill for Life programme teaches five phases of advanced riding including information, position, speed, gear and acceleration. Suitable for all riders with an A, A1 or A2 licence the course teaches advanced skills to handle all conditions on all types of British roads.

At the end of the programme, riders take an advanced riding test.


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents(RoSPA) – Advanced Motorcycling Test

Cost – £57 or £47 for riders under 26. The tuition is free but riders must be a member of their local Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) group. The annual RoADAR subscription is £23 a year.

Duration – The test lasts 45-75 minutes. The amount of training prior to the test depends on the rider, but can be spread over a number of weeks or even months.

The RoSPA Advanced Motorcycling Test is an on-road riding test covering as many different road types and traffic conditions as possible. This includes rural lanes right through to fast multi-lane roads and motorways.


BikeSafe Certificate

Cost – Varies by police force

Duration – Typically a day

The BikeSafe course is delivered by police motorbike riders. It involves a workshop that includes an observed ride with feedback in order to help you identify your riding strengths as well as weaknesses.

Enhanced Rider Scheme(ERS)

Cost – Varies by instructor and ability

Duration – Varies by rider. Can be completed in one day or over a few days if the rider requires more tuition.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a riding course tailored for the individual. It caters for all levels of riders, from newly qualified to those with more experience. The scheme offers training to help you build on your strengths and hone your skills on the road and begins with an on-road assessment.

If you already meet the standard for ERS you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. Alternatively, your instructor will work with you to identify your goals and create a tailored training plan to help you achieve these.

Other courses are available around the country so it might be worth doing some research to find one that best suits you.

Good luck with the training and hopefully as well as helping you become a better rider, it may also knock a few quid off your insurance bill.

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