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Compare pet insurance for older cats

With vet bills being so expensive these days, an illness or unfortunate accident involving your precious cat could land you with an unwelcome bill.

That’s why some people now choose to insure their cat, to protect themselves against expensive treatments.


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Getting pet insurance for an older cat

If your cat is older, or suffers from existing medical conditions already, you might be asking yourself if you can still get pet insurance?

Well yes and no. You can find an insurance policy for an older cat but the bad news however is that the premium is likely to be more expensive as the cat gets older, and also there may be more conditions or restrictions attached to it. Insurers also don’t cover any pre-existing conditions your cat will have when you take out the policy.

Compare pet insurance for older cats

Why is it more expensive?

Just as with us humans, as cats age the risk of them having health or dental issues is likely to increase too. In addition, again probably like us, they tend to get a little slower and clumsier.

Given this, they’re likely to have more bumps and scrapes and will need more medical care. This care means more expense to the insurer which usually means higher premiums for you.


Why is insurance for older cats more expensive?

What else should I look out for?

Pre-existing conditions

Unfortunately some insurers won’t insure an animal which already has pre-existing conditions. Those that will insure your cat will almost certainly exclude any claims relating to those conditions.


An excess is the amount of money you would have to pay before being able to claim on your insurance cover.

For example, imagine a situation where your cat is insured and becomes ill.

The vet’s bill is £1,000 and you have a policy excess of £200.

You will have to pay the first £200 and the insurer will contribute the remaining £800.

- Check what is covered

In addition to the obvious vet bills, some policies also pay out in the event of the animal’s death. Some will also cover the cost of putting your elderly cat to sleep as a last resort. Some will even cover bereavement counselling should it be needed.

- Think before you let a policy lapse

It’s harder to get insurance for your cat as it gets older, so, if you already have insurance in place, then think before you allow it to lapse. It may be in your interest to keep an existing policy in place rather than trying to find a new one.

If your beloved cat is getting a little older and you’re thinking of getting some insurance why not compare cover from a range of the UK’s most popular insurance providers today? It really couldn’t be easier. Simply enter the details about you and your cat and we’ll show you what cover is available to you and what it’ll cost. 

Compare pet insurance

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