Cocker Spaniel pet insurance

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Cocker Spaniel insurance

Cocker Spaniels

If you've lost a slipper then it's likely your Cocker Spaniel has hidden it somewhere. A small gun dog at heart, these days many people keep them as pets or for showing. The Cocker’s kind and happy nature makes them easy to train and they thrive on human companionship.

When you’re out and about, one sniff of a rabbit could set them into a spin... nature takes over and they’re gone, only to appear ten minutes later wagging their tail, tongue hanging out, covered in brambles and a good coating of mud...Oh the joys of a Cocker Spaniel. 

Health conditions

Energetic dogs like Cocker Spaniels can get themselves into all sorts of scrapes, so having pet insurance means you don't have to worry about the cost if you need to take a trip to the vet.  Cockers are also prone to some hereditary diseases such as hip problems, ear infections or eye disease.

So getting your dog covered with Cocker Spaniel insurance at an early age should mean that you're covered for these conditions if they do develop later in life.

Protecting your pet

Accident only is often the cheapest and the most basic, and in most cases will only cover you for injuries and not illness.  If you own a breed which can be prone to ongoing conditions, you may want to consider a lifetime policy. Condition claim limits may be in place but reinstated at renewal. Meanwhile, a time limited policy will only pay for treatment or medication on a condition for 12 months, after which time you'll need to pay yourself. For example, if your dog became ill in month 11 of your policy, you will be covered for twelve months as of that date. In some cases, medication may be needed for the rest of your dog’s life, so this could end up being costly.

You may also want to consider including third party cover to your dog insurance policy. Some providers may include this as standard, and some add it on for a little extra. Third party insurance will cover you if your dog causes damage or injury to another person, dog or property. If your dog has a lust for wandering you may want to find a provider that will help look for a lost pet – some may pay a reward to help your find you dog.

Compare pet insurance with us

So if you would like to do a pet insurance comparison, why not let us help? Just start a quote and  tell us a bit about you, your dog and what level of cover you’ll need. We'll also need to know your dog’s age, gender, breed and any pre-existing conditions.

If you're unsure at any point, there are plenty of help prompts to guide you. Once you've finished we'll get back to you with a summary of the best pet insurance quotes to suit your needs. From there you can make your final decision on which insurer you want to go with. Although none of them do ‘lost slipper recovery’ – sorry about that.

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