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Cocker Spaniel pet insurance

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Why do Cocker Spaniels make great pets?

Cocker Spaniels’ kind, happy nature makes them easy to train and they thrive on human companionship.  
When you’re out and about, one sniff of a rabbit and they’re gone, only to appear ten minutes later wagging their tail and covered in mud.   
Energetic dogs like Cocker Spaniels can get themselves into all sorts of trouble – but they’re great fun. 

Do Cocker Spaniels have any known health conditions?

Yes, Cocker Spaniels are prone to some hereditary diseases such as:

  • hip problems
  • ear infections
  • eye disease.

What types of pet insurance policies are there?

There are four main types of pet insurance for dogs:

  • Lifetime policy: This can ensure that any conditions your Cocker Spaniel develops are covered while you’re insured. Policies generally have yearly limits, but these start afresh when you renew your policy.
  • Maximum benefit: With this type of cover, a limit is set on the cost that will be covered for a condition. Once any claims you make use up that amount of money for a condition, it’s no longer covered.
  • Time limited: Conditions are covered for the first 12 months after they develop. After that, you’ll need to pay for that particular condition even if you renew the policy.
  • Accident only: This is usually the cheapest option because your dog will be only be covered if it has an accident, but not for illnesses or medical conditions. 

Tips for keeping your Cocker Spaniel happy and healthy

  • Diet – Feed your Cocker Spaniel a natural, balanced diet to keep them happy and healthy. Splitting your pup’s daily food allowance in two will help keep their energy levels steady throughout the day. Ask your vet for advice if you’re unsure about your dog’s dietary requirements.
  • Exercise – Despite being a relatively small breed, Cocker Spaniels are generally quite active and need a good amount of daily exercise to stay healthy. Exercise your dog for at least an hour every day to keep them fit and trim.
  • Staying social – It’s important to give your Cocker Spaniel plenty of social interaction – dog-to-dog, as well as human-to-dog. Get together with other dog owners in your area, to give your pet the chance to play and develop good social skills.
  • Vet check-ups – No dog likes going to the vets. However, regular check-ups, vaccinations and deworming are vital for your Cocker Spaniel’s long-term health. It’s a good idea to get your pup used to the vet from a young age, to save stress later on. See which vets bills you’re likely to be covered for by your pet insurance, with our handy guide.
  • Spaniel ears – A Cocker Spaniel’s ears are one of its defining features, but they can be prone to infections. Cleaning your Spaniel’s ears with a cotton bud and good cleaning solution, at least once a week, will help keep them free from bacteria.
  • Oral health – Good oral hygiene is essential for all dog breeds, tackling bad breath and keeping periodontal disease at bay. Clean your dog’s teeth regularly with a toothbrush and use dental sticks and chews to boost oral hygiene.

Frequently asked questions

What is third party pet insurance and do I need it?

Third party pet insurance, also known as third party public liability insurance, can cover you in case your dog injures another pet or person, or if it damages property. After all, even an obedient dog can get into the odd scrape.  
Before you consider buying a stand-alone policy, it’s worth checking what’s included in your insurance as many policies include third party cover as standard.

What if my Cocker Spaniel is lost or stolen?

Hopefully this will never happen. But if it does, some pet insurance policies can help by offering a reward for finding your dog – or even compensation up to the value you paid for your pet if he or she can’t be found.

Why should I compare Cocker Spaniel insurance with Compare the Market?

We’ll search a selection of UK pet insurance providers to help you find the right quote for you and your dog. Just tell us a bit about you and your Cocker Spaniel, then start comparing.

What do I need to get a quote?

To compare dog insurance with Compare the Market, we’ll need to know:

  • your pet’s age and breed
  • how much you paid or donated for them
  • whether your pet has been neutered or spayed
  • whether they’re microchipped.
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Mubina Pirmohamed

Insurance expert

What our expert says

“Cocker Spaniels are thought to be pretty high maintenance, thanks to their luscious coats and floppy ears. A good healthcare routine for Spaniels should always include ear hygiene and regular de-fleeing, so they can stay happy and healthy right into old age.”