Do pet insurers often include dental treatment as part of their cover?

This will depending on what insurance policy you purchase. With some cat insurance policies, there can be some form of dental insurance offered However, don’t assume it will always be included – if cat dental insurance is important to you then read the policy terms and conditions carefully and make sure it is included before you make a decision to purchase.

Evidently, a policy that includes dental insurance is likely to have higher premiums than one which does not.

Dental insurance for cats can be offered at different levels depending on which policy you purchase – another reason to read the small print carefully as you don’t want to find out when claiming that the type of tooth damage your cat has suffered is not covered by your insurance provider. Some cat dental insurance will cover any issues affecting your cat’s teeth that were caused by an accident or illness. However, some dental insurance cover can be very limited indeed, for example a plan might only pay out in cases of external damage or for extractions of milk teeth.

Cosmetic dental treatment will almost certainly be excluded from cover, as will routine dental check-ups.

Can dental cover be an 'add-on' or would it be a separate policy?

Dental insurance is not usually covered via a separate policy, so if it is important to you, check carefully the terms and conditions of any cat insurance policy you are considering.

Does cat insurance cover dentistry?
Why the health of a cat's teeth is so important

A cat’s teeth need a lot of looking after as their teeth have to do a lot of work. You can use a knife and fork to cut up food into manageable chunks, but your cat cannot use cutlery and so their teeth are required to a much greater extent.

Pets can suffer from problems such as gum disease, fractured teeth and ulcers; may be born with certain tooth-related irregularities; or may suffer damage to their teeth in an accident.
Dental bills may run in to hundred pounds, so there are clear benefits from having this type of insurance.

Looking after your cat’s teeth

You can reduce the chances of needing to make a dental insurance claim if you look after your cat’s teeth.

Charity Cats Protection recommends brushing your cat’s teeth every day, although it also warns that domestic cats need to be trained in order to willingly accept you trying to brush their teeth.

You can also purchase dental chews and other food designed to keep their teeth healthy, as well as toys specially designed for them to chew on.

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