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Comparing Kitten insurance



If you've recently bought a kitten, you're probably veering despair at the mayhem vs the sheer cuteness of that bundle of fun. Kittens really don't sit still. Apart from a cat nap or two, they're on the go all day, getting themselves into scrapes and threatening to use up their nine lives by 11 am.


So, as you stand and watch your cat fall from the top of the curtain you might not only reach for the home insurance're probably considering kitten insurance too. So take a seat on the sofa, attempt to restrain the kitten for a half hour cuddle and delve into the world of feline insurance...


Cat insurance


There are different levels of cat insurance to consider. If you just want cover for vet fees in case they have an accident then an 'accident only' policy could do the trick.


But if you’d prefer pet insurance that will cover you for vets’ fees in relation to illnesses as well as accidents then you may want to consider a time limited policy, a max benefit policy or a lifetime policy.


A 12 month policy will only pay for treatment on health conditions for up to a year. Max benefit is not on a time constraint, but will have a cost limit to your cover. Meanwhile lifetime cover should keep on paying as long as the policy is in force (provided you don't go over the annual amount) for the whole of your cat's life.


As well as vet fees, some insurers will help to find your kitten if it gets lost by paying for posters or offering a reward. Some will also pay you an amount (as stipulated in your policy) if your cat is not found or sadly dies dues to an illness or accident.


Other cover may include emergency boarding if you're suddenly hospitalised, or some money towards holiday cancellation if you have to cancel or cut short a break due to your cat falling ill. These may be included as standard or available as add-ons so it’s best to check.


What it doesn't cover


Cat insurance will not cover routine check-ups, vaccinations, flea or worming treatments.



Thinking about doing a pet insurance comparison?


It's easy to compare pet insurance with us. Start a quote, tell us a bit about you, your feline friend and the cover you want. There are plenty of 'help' cues along the way if you're unsure of anything. You may find it useful to dig out any papers you were given when you brought your kitten. Once you've finished we'll search a range of pet insurers to find you the best cat insurance policies that suit your needs.


When you've had a look through you can always go back and change any details – maybe to see the price difference between the different types of policies 


It’s worth doing - the lifetime cover maybe more affordable than you think, it is not always the most expensive when you compare across insurers. And once you've made your decision, it may be a good time to rescue the pair of socks your kitten is in the process of destroying!