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Cystic fibrosis travel insurance

Around 10,800 people in the UK have cystic fibrosis. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, it can be hard to find travel insurance. We compare a range of providers to help you find the cover you need.

Around 10,800 people in the UK have cystic fibrosis. Depending on the seriousness of the condition, it can be hard to find travel insurance. We compare a range of providers to help you find the cover you need.

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Anna McEntee
Home, pet and travel insurance expert
Last Updated
30 DECEMBER 2022
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Can I get travel insurance if I have cystic fibrosis? 

You can get travel insurance if you have cystic fibrosis, but you may have to pay a higher premium or excess.  You could also find your cover has restrictions or that the policy excludes your pre-existing conditions. And if your condition is severe, you might need a specialist policy.

When you compare travel insurance with us, you’ll need to disclose your medical history. We’ll then send you quotes for insurance providers willing to provide cover.

Customers with pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a serious health condition, your travel insurance is likely to be more expensive. Whatever happens, don’t lie to an insurance provider, because this could mean your claim is rejected. When you declare any medical conditions on our website, we’ll only show you quotes from insurance providers who will cover them, with no exclusions.

If your condition is more serious, MoneyHelper has a directory of insurance providers who may be able to provide quotes over the phone. You can call them on 0800 138 7777.

If I have cystic fibrosis, what will I need to tell my insurance provider?

When taking out travel insurance, you’ll need to provide full and accurate information about your medical history. If you leave out anything important, you could invalidate your policy.

If you have cystic fibrosis, you’ll have to declare how much medication you take and if you’ve been admitted to hospital in the past year because of your condition. You’ll also be asked how easily you become short of breath and whether you’ve been prescribed oxygen outside of hospital.

If you have other pre-existing conditions, including those associated with your cystic fibrosis, you’ll need to declare these too.

Does cystic fibrosis affect where I can travel to?

According to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust, advances in healthcare and medicine mean adventurous holidays to far-flung destinations are easier than ever. Even so, it’s worth finding out about medical facilities at your destination in case you need care while you’re away.

What should I consider when travelling if I have cystic fibrosis? 

If you have cystic fibrosis, there are a few factors worth bearing in mind when you travel:

  • Speak to your doctor before you travel as you’re likely to need a GP’s letter stating what medication you’re carrying and that you’re fit to fly.
  • It’s worth having a treatment protocol in place, should you find yourself in a hospital with little experience of dealing with cystic fibrosis.
  • Keep hold of your travel insurance provider’s details in case you need to contact them while you’re away.
  • Call your airline in advance if you’ll need portable oxygen or nebulisers during the flight.
  • If you’re flying, get to the airport early to deal with potential problems around you taking your medication on the plane.
  • If you’re taking hold luggage, take two sets of medication in case your baggage is lost in transit.  

Many people with cystic fibrosis also have diabetes. If you do, carry your insulin in a cool bag in your hand luggage. If you use an insulin pump or have a glucose monitor, tell the airline before you board.

What’s a GHIC, and do I need one?

A Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) is the post-Brexit version of the old European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It gives you access to the same free or discounted state medical care a local would receive. But it’s not a replacement for travel insurance and won’t cover private treatment.

You can’t apply for an EHIC anymore, but, if you have one already, it’s still valid until the expiry date.

If you don’t have an EHIC or yours has expired, you can apply for a GHIC on the NHS website. The GHIC offers the same cover as the EHIC did in EU countries.

Travel insurance

Find the right travel insurance policy for you by comparing policies from some of the market’s leading providers. Tell us about yourself and any pre-existing conditions and we’ll show you what policies are available.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a ‘fit to fly’ test?

It’s worth asking your CF team if you need a ‘fit to fly’ test before you travel. This will test your blood oxygen levels to make sure you won’t need oxygen on the plane.

Which destinations are best for those with cystic fibrosis?

The right destination for you will depend on your own preferences and circumstances, however it’s worth choosing countries with high awareness of CF. You could research local cystic fibrosis facilities before you travel.

Can I get special assistance at the airport?

Your airport and airline could offer you help if you need it, whether that’s a wheelchair or a fast-track through security queues.

Contact your airline or travel agent when booking to request assistance, so they can make sure they have the right equipment in place. When you arrive at the airport, be sure to speak to staff at the special assistance reception desk.

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