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Compare travel insurance for Europe

With its contrasting cultures, history, stunning landscapes and easy accessibility, it's no wonder that Europe is the largest travel destination for UK holidaymakers.

But even though you're relatively close to home, it's still important to have the right travel insurance in place before you go.

Patrick Ikhena From the Travel team
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Do I need travel insurance for Europe if I have an EHIC card?

Ideally, you should have both. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is indispensable should you need emergency medical treatment when visiting an EU country or Switzerland.

UK residents can use their EHIC during the Brexit negotiations, until the UK is scheduled to leave the EU on 31 January 2020. The UK Government has proposed a scheme similar to the EHIC in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal, and consequently the EHIC no longer being usable. However, the implementation of that scheme is subject to EU countries agreeing to that proposal.. The EHIC gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare across Europe on the same terms as a local resident, which means at a reduced cost, or sometimes for free. This includes treatment of a pre-existing medical condition and routine maternity care. The UK Government has proposed a similar scheme to the EHIC in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal. However, this is subject to EU countries agreeing to that proposal.

Do I need travel insurance for Europe if I have an EHIC card?

The EHIC will only cover you for necessary medical treatment:
• treatment if you're taken to a private hospital in the event of an emergency
• mountain rescue costs if you're injured while skiing
• repatriation costs if you need to be flown home
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And even though you're in Europe, medical costs can still hit the roof if you're not properly insured. Claims for skiing accidents can reach as high as £90,000, and an air ambulance can add further £10,000 to the bill.

So, while it makes sense to get a free EHIC card for travelling in Europe, travel insurance could give you the extra protection you need, and more comprehensive cover should the worst happen.

What could European travel insurance cover?

Medical coverage – check your policy carefully as the level of cover in standard polices tends to differ between different insurance providers, depending on your circumstances and intended activities. If you're pregnant, have a pre-existing medical condition, or want specific sports cover, it may be worth asking your insurance provider about extra cover or seeking out specialist travel insurance to ensure you're properly covered
Belongings – check to see if your policy covers loss, theft or damage of your luggage. Ensure the level is high enough to cover the cost of valuables such as your phone or laptop
Travel issues – cancelled flights, missed flights and delays. Check the conditions carefully as only valid reasons set by the insurance provider are covered
Personal liability – cover in case you injure someone else and they sue you for damages

Compare travel insurance for Europe

Europe has some amazing destinations to explore. For peace of mind on your trip we can help you compare quotes and find the right travel insurance to cover all of your needs on your European holiday.

Compare travel insurance quotes in a matter of minutes and start planning your exciting European adventure today.

Compare travel insurance for Europe

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