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Compare travel insurance for Pakistan

Nearly half a million Brits visited Pakistan before the pandemic and now travel is opening up again. Here’s how to find Pakistan travel insurance that could help you enjoy the natural and cultural riches of this vast country, from Lahore to the Deosai Plains to Fairy Meadows National Park.

Nearly half a million Brits visited Pakistan before the pandemic and now travel is opening up again. Here’s how to find Pakistan travel insurance that could help you enjoy the natural and cultural riches of this vast country, from Lahore to the Deosai Plains to Fairy Meadows National Park.

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Do I need travel insurance for Pakistan? 

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is clear on the importance of getting comprehensive travel insurance before a trip to Pakistan. Among other things, a good travel policy can offer financial protection if you need medical treatment, lose your luggage or have to cancel your trip.

Before you book your trip to Pakistan, also check the details on COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirements on the GOV.UK website.

Customers with pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a serious health condition, your travel insurance is likely to be more expensive. Whatever happens, don’t lie to an insurance provider, because this could mean your claim is rejected. When you declare any medical conditions on our website, we’ll only show you quotes from insurance providers who will cover them, with no exclusions.

If your condition is more serious, MoneyHelper has a directory of insurance providers who may be able to provide quotes over the phone. You can call them on 0800 138 7777.

How much is travel insurance for Pakistan? 

For a trip to Pakistan, you’ll need a worldwide travel insurance policy. This will be cheaper if you don’t need cover for Canada, the USA or the Caribbean. 

A worldwide travel policy can cost from as little as £16 for a week’s holiday [1]. Bear in mind, though, that the exact cost of your travel insurance will depend on your age, the level of cover you need for your trip, what activities you’re planning and any pre-existing health conditions. 

If you travel regularly, you might find that an annual travel insurance policy saves you money overall. 

[1] Based on Comparethemarket data for a worldwide travel insurance policy for a 20-year-old with no pre-existing medical conditions travelling for 1 week. Prices correct as of January 2023.

What will Pakistan travel insurance cover? 

A travel policy for Pakistan will typically include cover for:

  • Medical care – the standard of healthcare in Pakistan isn’t comparable to the UK and private medical treatment insurance is may be expensive. Travel insurance could cover the high cost of medical bills if you get sick or are injured while you’re away. The policy could also include repatriation back to the UK for treatment.
  • Damage, loss or theft of your luggage – there is the risk of street crime in Pakistan, so it’s good to know your belongings will be covered if they’re stolen, lost or damaged. Think about how much your belongings are worth and make sure your policy offers enough cover.
  • Holiday cancellation – this could reimburse you if you need to cancel or cut short your holiday for a reason stated in your policy (for example, a family bereavement). That’s why it’s important to get travel insurance as soon as you book your trip.
  • Flight cancellations and delays – you can be covered if you have to cancel your flight or it’s cancelled by the airline. Check the policy to make sure cover for missed connections is also included.
  • Coronavirus – this can cover cancellation, medical expenses, repatriation and extended stays as a result of COVID-19. When you get a quote with us, you can filter your results for the level of coronavirus cover you want.

What won’t Pakistan travel insurance cover? 

Before buying your holiday insurance for Pakistan, there are a few exclusions to watch out for. Insurance providers typically won't cover: 

  • Pre-existing health conditions – you must declare these to your provider. If you don’t and try to claim, your policy could be invalid.
  • Injuries or accidents caused by high-risk activities – check your policy to see what activities are excluded. You’ll typically have to pay extra to cover sports like skiing, rock climbing and white-water rafting.
  • Incidents related to alcohol or drug use – Pakistan is a Muslim country, so alcohol is officially banned. But tourists can get a drink at hotel bars and restaurants. If you’re injured or lose something due to being intoxicated, your claim is likely to be rejected.
  • Travel to regions against government advice – this may be because of disease epidemics or terrorism threats. There are several areas within Pakistan that the FCDO advises against travelling to, so if you visit these places, it’s unlikely you’ll be covered by your travel insurance. Before you book your travel, check the FCDO website.
  • Terrorism, natural disasters and civil unrest – Pakistan has experienced natural disasters like earthquakes, flooding and landslides. There’s also the ever-present threat of terrorism and protests turning violent. Some policies offer limited cover for natural disasters and terrorism-related incidents, but you’ll need to clarify this with your provider.

What else should I consider when I choose my Pakistan travel insurance? 

Think about what activities you’ll be doing in Pakistan. Low-risk sports are typically covered by basic travel insurance, but if you’re planning anything adventurous, you probably won’t be covered. You may be able to add them on at an extra cost or, if this isn’t possible, look for a specialist policy. 

Activities you’ll need to make sure you’re covered for include:

  • Extreme sports – this could cover you for activities like high-altitude trekking at Fairy Meadows or paragliding over the Khanpur Dam.
  • Water sports – from river rafting to diving, water sports cover can protect you in case you get injured or your sports equipment gets damaged.
  • Winter sports – Pakistan’s scenic snow-capped peaks offer wintry adventures at ski resorts including Naltar Valley. This can cover you for piste closure and theft of equipment.

Do I need a visa for Pakistan? 

Yes, Brits need to get a visa before visiting Pakistan. See more information from the Pakistan Ministry of the Interior.

Any other tips for travel to Pakistan?

Here are a few more tips and travel facts about Pakistan to help you get the most out of your trip.

Climate – the country’s winter runs from around November to March, when conditions are typically warm with cool breezes in coastal areas. Pakistan’s summer (from April to July) can be extremely hot, while monsoon season runs from July to September.

Tipping – high-end hotels and restaurants may add a 10% service charge to your bills. Tipping elsewhere is discretionary but giving about 30-50 rupees at local restaurants will be welcomed.

Time difference – Pakistan is five hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Dress code – you should always dress modestly, covering your shoulders and legs in public. Women should also cover their heads when travelling in rural areas or when visiting mosques or other holy places

Ramadan – if you’re travelling to Pakistan during Ramadan, avoid eating, drinking or smoking in public during daylight hours

Where can I compare Pakistan travel insurance quotes? 

We make it easy to compare travel insurance deals to help you get the right level of cover ahead of your trip.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need vaccinations to visit Pakistan?

You should check with your doctor at least eight weeks before you travel to Pakistan. You might be advised to have vaccines for hepatitis A, typhoid and tetanus (these are typically free on the NHS). If you’re visiting for longer than four weeks, you may need to provide proof of a polio vaccine when you leave Pakistan.

What insurance do I need for an adventure holiday to Pakistan?

It depends on just how adventurous you plan to be. Many activities aren’t covered by standard travel insurance or there may be very low cover limits. The riskier your chosen activity, the more likely you are to have to pay extra for additional cover or take out a specialist policy. Adventure sports not usually covered by basic travel insurance include rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Is Pakistan safe for tourists?

Security has improved a lot in recent years and most travellers will enjoy a trouble-free visit to Pakistan. That said, the FCDO does advise against travel to certain areas – check where these are before you leave. It’s also best to steer clear of political demonstrations as these can turn violent very quickly and be careful if you go out at night in urban areas.

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