Can I drive a van using my car insurance?

Cars are great for driving friends and family around, but if you’ve just moved home or need to transport a lot of equipment, you may need a van. Even if you’re planning a one-off trip, it’s important you know whether you’re covered. Let’s look at the requirements to drive a van using your car insurance…

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Does my car insurance cover me to hire a van?

If you’re planning to hire a van and you’re unsure if you’re covered, the relevant insurance cover will typically come included as part of the hire package.

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What licence do I need to drive a van?

Once you’ve passed your full UK driving test (category B), you’re allowed to drive a car or van with a trailer, up to 3.5 tonnes. Anything larger is considered a commercial van and you’ll need to apply for a category C licence.

Can I transfer my No Claims discount (NCD) from a car to a van?

You may be able to transfer your No Claims Discount (NCD) from a car to a van, but it will vary between providers. You can build your NCD for each year you’ve had your car insurance policy in your name, without making a claim. Your NCD can only be used on one vehicle at a time, but not all van insurance providers will accept NCD earned on a car or bike.

You may need to provide proof of your NCD to your new van insurance provider, stated on your latest car policy documents. Insurance providers usually only accept proof that is less than two years old.

If you’re unsure whether your NCD can transfer, you’ll need to check with the provider before taking out a policy.

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