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If you own more than one van, a multi-van or fleet policy allows you to insure them all under one policy, which could save money and simplify administration. Let’s take a look…

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Will a multi-van insurance policy be cheaper?

Buying a multi-van policy can work out cheaper than insuring each vehicle on a separate policy because it is effectively a bulk purchase. Having one point of contact and a single renewal date can also make administration easier to manage.

As with standard van insurance, there may be restrictions on the eligibility of drivers according to their age. Some insurance providers will not cover drivers under 25 or over, say, 70.

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Can anyone drive on a multi van insurance?

Most multi-van policies are arranged on an any driver basis, which means any driver can drive any vehicle from your fleet of vans.

‘Any driver’ cover will give you more flexibility and smoother administration because you won’t need to add or remove people from the list, but it tends to be more expensive. That’s because an insurance provider has no information about who’ll be driving, which is a riskier proposition from an insurance perspective.

Can cars be included under the same policy?

If you’re opting for a multi-van insurance, you may be able to add cars to the same policy, such as your company cars.

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