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Do I need tipper truck insurance?

Whatever type of tipper truck you use, whether it’s a flatbed, pick-up or dropside, you’ll know it’s not a straightforward van. A specific piece of equipment needs a specific type of cover.

The tipper mechanism means that these types of vans tend to cost more than your average truck. Tippers are also at a greater risk of being stolen for their parts, which are often worth a lot of money.

So, you’ll want to protect your tipper with good-value van insurance.


What kind of cover do I need for my tipper?

It’s unlikely you’re using your tipper truck primarily for leisure, so you’ll need to insure it for business use. Without that, your policy could be invalid.

You’ll also need to decide what level of cover you require.
As with standard vehicle insurance, the main types of cover to choose from are:

Third party
This provides cover for injury to a third party or damage to their vehicle. You might assume this is the cheapest kind of insurance, but that’s not always the case. Insurance providers sometimes charge more for this than for fully comprehensive cover, since drivers who opt for third party-only are sometimes considered a higher risk.

It’s also worth considering how much it would cost if you had to repair or replace your tipper van, and what effect that would have on your business. If you’d be stuck with a hefty bill that you couldn’t afford, you may want to look for more cover.

Third party, fire and theft
This includes third party cover, plus cover if your van is stolen or damaged by fire. With van break-ins and tool theft a common occurrence, it might be a worthwhile consideration.

Fully comprehensive
In addition to the above, this also covers you if your tipper suffers accidental damage.

Other insurance
You might also want to consider public liability insurance, which could offer cover if you damaged someone else’s property while loading or unloading, for example.

Frequently asked questions

What types of tipper van insurance are available?

If you drive your tipper truck for work, there are two types of commercial van insurance available:

  • Carriage of own goods not for hire or reward – this will cover the tools of your trade that you carry in your tipper van. For example, work tools and equipment that builders might use.
  • Haulage (carriage of goods for hire and reward) – this offers cover if you use your tipper truck as a delivery van for someone else’s goods – for example to shift sand, aggregate, gravel or topsoil for another business. It’s worth checking whether the company you deliver for already has you covered, before taking this out.

If you carry tools in the back of your tipper truck, make sure you check the policy details. For example, your policy might require that you stay with your vehicle while it’s loaded to prevent theft or damage. You might also want to check if you’re covered for parts stolen from your vehicle.

There’s a divide in the truck world between vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of no more than 3.5 tonnes and those that weigh more – up to 44 tonnes. You can drive a 3.5 tonne vehicle with your standard car driving licence – category ‘B’ entitlement. For weights above this, you need a special licence. Here at Compare the Market, we can help you with quotes for vehicles weighing no more than 3.5 tonnes.

What extras are available to me?

Breakdown cover
Being left stranded on your way to an urgent job or with a load to deliver isn’t ideal. A broken-down tipper truck could mean that you can’t work or a site is left at an expensive standstill without the necessary materials or equipment. To avoid being stranded at the side of the road, it could be worth adding van breakdown cover to your policy – after all, you wouldn’t want to miss a job because your tipper’s let you down.

Motor legal protection
If you find yourself in an accident that isn’t your fault, motor legal protection could cover your policy excess, as well as any loss of earnings and the costs of launching a compensation claim. It can also cover costs for legal disputes that may arise after, say, buying or selling your van.

How do I get a great deal on my tipper van insurance?

There’s a few ways to make sure you get a good-value deal on your insurance. Here are some of them:

Shop around
Prices vary among insurance providers, so it’s worth comparing costs for the level of insurance you need. Remember, the cheapest policy isn’t necessarily the best policy for you.

Keep your tipper van secure
Some insurance providers may offer you a discount if your tipper’s fitted with an immobiliser. You may also find that leaving it in a locked garage overnight reduces your premium.

Pay a higher excess
An excess is the amount you have to pay if you make a claim on your insurance. Generally, the higher the voluntary excess you pay, the lower your premium. But make sure you set this at a level you can afford, as you’ll need to pay this and the compulsory excess should you make a claim.

Pay annually
If you pay for your policy upfront, rather than in monthly instalments, you might find it’s cheaper since staggered payments often come with interest.

How much does van insurance cost?

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What do I need to get a quote?

To get a quote, simply give us a few details about your work, your tipper truck and the level of cover you’d like.

You’ll also have the opportunity to add any optional extras, so you can tailor your quote to suit your needs.

Once we have the information we need, we’ll give you a list of suitable quotes to compare.

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What our expert says

“Don’t automatically assume that comprehensive cover will be more expensive than third party or third party, fire and theft. Many insurance providers consider tipper trucks as high risk and could charge more for basic cover than fully comprehensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to shop around and compare quotes, as you may be able to find a cheaper deal with a higher level of cover.”

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