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Tipper insurance

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Do I need tipper truck insurance?

Whatever type of tipper truck you use, whether it’s a flat bed, pick-up or dropside, you’ll know it’s not a straightforward van. A specific piece of equipment needs a specific type of cover.

Firstly, the tipper mechanism means that these types of vans tend to cost more than your average truck. Tippers are also at a greater risk of being stolen for their parts, which are often worth a lot of money.

So you’ll want to protect yours with some good van insurance.


Frequently asked questions

What kind of cover do I need?

It’s unlikely you’re using your tipper truck for fun, so you’ll need to insure it for business use – without that your policy could be invalidated.

You’ll also need to choose what level of cover you require. You can choose from: 

  • Third party

This offers cover for injury or damage to a third party. You might assume this is the cheapest cover, but that’s not always the case. Insurance providers sometimes charge more for this than they do fully comprehensive cover, as drivers with third-party only cover are considered a higher risk.  

It’s also worth considering how much it would cost if you had to repair or replace your tipper van, and what effect that would have on your business. With that in mind, you may want to look for more coverage. 

  • Third party, fire and theft

This includes third party cover, plus cover if your van is stolen or damaged by fire. Van break-ins are on the rise – there are reports that tool theft shot up by 30% last year – so this is something you’ll want to seriously consider. 

  • Fully comprehensive  

In addition to the above, this also offers cover for accidental damage to your tipper.

What extras are available to me?

It could be worth adding van breakdown cover to your policy – after all, you don’t want to be left stranded with expensive equipment in the back. Nor would you want to miss a job because your van’s let you down. 

  • Motor legal protection  

If you find yourself in an accident that isn’t your fault, motor legal protection could cover your policy excess, as well as any loss of earnings and the costs of launching a compensation claim. It can also cover costs for legal disputes that may arise after, say, buying or selling your van. 

How do I get a great deal on my tipper van insurance?

There are a few ways to make sure you get a good-value deal on your insurance. Here are some of them: 

  • Shop around 

Prices vary between insurance providers, so do compare the costs. That doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest available – make sure you’ve got the right level of cover too. 

  • Keep your van secure  

Some insurance providers may offer you a discount if your van is fitted with an immobiliser. You may also find that leaving it in a locked garage overnight reduces your premium. 

An excess is the amount you contribute before the insurance provider pays out on a claim. Generally, the more you pay, the lower your premium. But make sure the excess is at a level you can afford.  

  • Pay annually

If you pay for your policy upfront, rather than paying monthly, you might find it’s cheaper as interest is often charged on monthly instalments.

Compare tipper van insurance

Buying a new tipper van can take a while as there are so many types to choose from – single cabs, double cabs, short wheel base, etc. But, thankfully, you can get a van insurance quote with us in minutes.

We’ll search our list of insurance providers and find a choice of tipper van insurance policies to suit your business – and your pocket: 50% of people could achieve a quote of £630 per year for their van insurance based on Compare the Market data in February 2020**.

**50% of people could achieve a quote of £630.00 per year for their van insurance based on Compare the Market data in February 2020.

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