The Global Broadband Index

Most of us spend at least some of our time online. In fact, there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – nearly 60% of the global population1.

How much does it cost to use the internet? To see how broadband prices stack up, we’ve uncovered where in the world costs you the most and least to access the internet.

Ethiopia has the most expensive broadband costs

Ethiopia is more expensive than any other country: here, broadband costs around £307.84 per month. This is nearly ten times the price of the UK, where monthly broadband costs an average of £30.99.

In second place, spending £236.09 less a month on broadband is the United Arab Emirates. In fact, only countries in Africa and the Middle East make up the top five most expensive countries for broadband, with Qatar, Zimbabwe, and Oman coming in third, fourth, and fifth place.

Canada just misses out from being in the top ten, with broadband costing approximately £46.71, and Australia takes 20th position, at £41.73 a month.

Ukraine has the cheapest broadband in the world

In contrast, Ukraine is home to the cheapest broadband in the world, with monthly costs totalling just £4.42 on average.

Russia is second place, costing £5.02 per month on average for broadband, followed by Romania and Moldova. The only country to make the top five outside of Europe is India, where average monthly broadband costs total £7.48.

If you’re looking for cheap broadband, moving to Ukraine or Russia might be a little drastic, but comparing broadband providers will help you to find the best price.

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  1. Data was taken from the following source 04.11.21 and the analysis was released in January 2021:

The cost of broadband across the globe was taken from Numbeo and is accurate as of 19.10.21. The cost is monthly, and is for broadband speeds of 60Mbps or more, with unlimited data usage. The cost for GBP (Pounds), USD (US Dollars), CAD (Canadian Dollars), and EUR (Euros) was collected.