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What broadband service is best for a house of students?

Broadband is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for student households. With the internet now a ‘must have’ resource for research, study and assignments, finding the right broadband package has never been more important.

Price v Flexibility

The big providers have now introduced shorter term phone, broadband, TV contracts, aimed at capturing the student market. These 9 or in some cases, 10 month contracts are designed to coincide with the student calendar.

In theory then, they should be cheaper. After all, you’re using it for 9 or 10 months as opposed to 12 right? However, it is worth remembering that many providers offer incentives to get you to sign up for 12 months. These can include free services or reduced price services for a period of time.

It is therefore worth seriously comparing package prices. You might find it works out cheaper to pay a cancellation fee on a 12 month contract, rather than taking out a shorter specialist student package.

If flexibility is very important to you, there are providers who will now offer contracts with only one month’s notice required. You will pay more per month for these services, but you do have the option of discontinuing them at short notice.

Remember, regardless of the contract, you need to take into account any upfront fees for equipment or installation.

What broadband service is best for a house of students?

Other things to bear in mind?

Most deals require an active telephone line at your property though there are providers that can provide you with a service that excludes a telephone connection.

Plan early. We might be in the 21st century but it can still take an incredibly frustrating amount of time to turn an order into an active service. September is usually the busiest month of the year. If you want to get a connection set up for the start of your university term then you need to be arranging it at the start of August at the latest. June/July may even be more realistic dates depending on your chosen broadband provider. Remember you’ll need to be at home for them to come and install the service and they don’t always work the most flexible hours.

Best student broadband

Bills are usually in one person’s name. So in a shared student house you’ll need to decide who is going to be responsible for the bills and any set up costs, so you can share them equally… assuming that’s what you’ve all agreed! Alternatively another option could be to set up a joint account for everyone to pay into on a monthly basis, this reduces the risk under one person’s name.

Only pay for speeds and usage quotas that you actually need. If you’re going to be downloading a lot of information then a high speed and unlimited download limit might be better for you but it will also be the most expensive. That said, if you’re planning on using your library to do your work then a lower download limit might be sufficient. Watch out as some broadband providers have  usage limits on the cheapest packages that can bring about unwelcome charges so be sure to pick one that you think you’re safely within.

To get the right broadband service to suit you and your housemates make sure you compare the market to get the best deal. So what are you waiting for? Start a quote with us and see how much you could save.

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