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What is the Sky VIP loyalty scheme?

Sky likes to reward its customers for staying with them, offering an array of exclusive perks and experiences through its loyalty scheme. But are they worthwhile? Here’s everything you need to know about Sky VIP.

Sky likes to reward its customers for staying with them, offering an array of exclusive perks and experiences through its loyalty scheme. But are they worthwhile? Here’s everything you need to know about Sky VIP.

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Sajni Shah
Utilities comparison expert
Last Updated
25 JANUARY 2023
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What is Sky VIP?

Sky VIP is a loyalty programme for all Sky customers, whether you’ve just joined or you’re a veteran of the service. But the longer you’ve been with Sky, the better you can expect the rewards to be. It’s free to join and you’ll get perks like: 

  • Free cinema tickets 
  • Entry to prize draws to win tickets for events, including Premier League matches, live concerts and family days out 
  • Virtual reality experiences 
  • Unique Sky experiences, such as a walk-on part in your favourite show or challenging your sporting hero 
  • Concierge-type customer service. 

You’ll be sent emails letting you know about your exclusive VIP offers and as you continue your Sky contract more rewards will be automatically unlocked. 

What do I get with Sky VIP?

Sky VIP works as a tiered rewards scheme, so the exact perks you get depend on which tier you’re in. Your level of membership is based on how long you’ve been a Sky customer. The higher the tier, the better the rewards. 


These are the four levels of Sky VIP membership: 

Sky VIP Silver (0-3 years) 

Firstly, as a welcome gift for joining Sky, you’ll be able to choose a Sky Store movie to watch and keep. As a Silver VIP member, you’ll also get access to prize draws and the chance to win free VIP tickets to events across the UK. These could be sports matches, cinema previews or other special events. Plus, you’ll receive exclusive Sky broadband, mobile and TV offers.

Sky VIP Gold (3-8 years) 

Along with all the benefits of the Silver package, you’ll also get Sky Go Extra for free. This lets you download your favourite shows and watch them on the move on a smartphone or tablet, even if you’re not online. 

Sky VIP Platinum (8-15 years) 

You’ll get all the goodies offered in the Silver and Gold packages, along with better discounts plus Sky Mobile data boosts and Sky Q upgrades if you have these products. 

Sky VIP Diamond (15+ years)

This is the top package, for Sky’s most loyal customers. It gets you all the benefits of the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers, plus the biggest discounts on hardware and channel packages. Diamond VIPs should, in theory, also get the best level of customer service and technical help with a dedicated phone line.  

How do I get Sky VIP?

To get Sky VIP, you need to have one or more of these products:

  • Sky TV
  • Sky Broadband
  • Sky Talk
  • Sky Mobile. 

It’s worth stressing that you must be a Sky TV customer to receive certain rewards.

It doesn’t cost you anything to join Sky VIP and you can claim your rewards via the My Sky app. Simply download the app to your smartphone or tablet from either Google Play or the App Store. Once you’ve logged into the app, go to the Sky VIP section on the home screen where you’ll be able to scroll through your offers to see if any float your boat. You’ll get new offers every week. 

Only the primary Sky iD holder and one other authorised Sky iD holder per household can access Sky VIP. Only one person can redeem each reward. 

Is Sky VIP worth it?

There’ll be some people who see VIP as a great incentive to join or stay with Sky, with many brilliant offers and perks to take advantage of. But there’ll be others who won’t see much benefit in it and won’t want to be constantly filling in their details to claim the offers. You could also argue that staying loyal to Sky for 15 years doesn’t get you many more benefits than being with them for only a year.  

It’s always worth comparing deals for broadband, phone and TV to see if you could save any money. Providers are constantly trying to tempt new customers with discounts, free gifts and special offers, so you might be able to bring down your bills or upgrade your service by switching. If you just stick with the same package for years, you could end up paying way more than you need to. 

Ultimately, only you can decide whether it’s worth paying for a Sky service to benefit from Sky VIP offers. 

Frequently asked questions

How do Sky VIP members change tier?

You won’t have to lift a finger. Sky will automatically move you into a new tier when you reach an anniversary that makes you eligible for a higher membership level. You should find your new rewards waiting for you in the My Sky app.

How often do new tickets for events appear on Sky VIP?

Sky pledges to release tickets on different days throughout each month. Because new VIP offers aren’t added on the same day every week, you have to keep checking back to see what’s new or coming soon so you don’t miss out.

Can I keep my VIP tier if I leave Sky and come back later?

No, the tier you’re in is based on how long you’ve been with Sky continuously. So, if you cancel all your Sky services but then come back a year later, your Sky VIP rewards membership will reset to Silver, the lowest tier.

How will I find out if I’ve won a VIP prize?

Sky will contact you using the email address or phone number you supplied when you entered the competition or prize draw. Remember to check your spam folder just in case an all-important email drops in there by accident.

Can I send my family and friends to Sky VIP events?

Yes, when you book tickets to a Sky VIP event, you’ll be asked to enter the ticketholder’s details – which could be a friend or family member. As the account holder, it’s your responsibility to pass on the terms and conditions of the event to the ticketholder.

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