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When everything goes well, teaching is one of the most rewarding professions. Having the right insurance could help if things go wrong, from protecting your good name to saving you from serious financial problems.

When everything goes well, teaching is one of the most rewarding professions. Having the right insurance could help if things go wrong, from protecting your good name to saving you from serious financial problems.

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Last Updated 29 APRIL 2022

Do self-employed tutors and teachers need insurance? 

Teaching may not be considered a particularly high-risk occupation, but mistakes and accidents can happen. For example: 

  • A parent makes a claim against you because their child fails their exams.
  • A student trips over and hurts themselves in your home.
  • You provide the wrong information or fail to deliver the tuition your student needs: by failing to complete the syllabus, for example.
  • Allegations of abuse are made against you or an employee. 

Having insurance to cover you could reduce the financial impact of unforeseen events like these, and even help restore your professional reputation and get you back on your feet.

If you’re considering tutoring work through an agency, you may also need to have insurance before they’ll put you on their books.

What types of insurance will I need as a self-employed tutor or teacher? 

If you employ other people, you’re legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance. Otherwise, there are no other mandatory requirements when it comes to cover. But, for peace of mind, the following types of insurance are worth considering: 

Some insurance providers will also offer cover if you or an employee are accused of molesting or abusing a student. They may require you to follow a robust safeguarding policy and you may also need to hold an up-to-date DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate. This is an official document that proves there’s no known reason why you can’t work with children or vulnerable adults.

There are different types of DBS checks available, from basic to enhanced. For more information, visit GOV.UK.

What is employers’ liability insurance?

If you employ other tutors or anyone else as part of your business, you’re required by law to take out employers’ liability insurance. This can protect you against the costs of a claim if an employee is injured or becomes ill because of work they’ve done for you.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance, also known as PI insurance, could cover the cost of compensation to a client who has lost out as a result of your service, advice or a mistake you made.

It also applies to acts of defamation. This is when your reputation is damaged by something written (libel) or spoken (slander) that isn’t true.

In today’s competitive world, the pressure for students to succeed is at an all-time high. If parents believe the tutor is at fault when their child doesn’t get the necessary grades, a claim against your services could be a very real scenario. PI cover could protect you against the costs of defending a claim.

What is public liability insurance?

If you teach students in your own home, their home or premises you’ve hired for teaching purposes, you need to consider public liability insurance. 

This can cover you for claims resulting from a student being injured while in your care or any damage you cause to someone else’s property. For example, a student falls downstairs in your home or you accidentally spill coffee on their laptop.

What is business contents insurance?

If you use laptops, tablets, textbooks and other teaching aids in the course of your work, business contents insurance could cover them against damage, loss or theft.

There are other options too. If you work from home, an existing home contents policy could protect your business property. Check the details of the policy or contact your insurance provider if you’re not sure. Or you may get the cover you need with specific business equipment insurance.

If you own a dedicated space used specifically for teaching, any furniture, fixtures and fittings may also be covered by business contents insurance, but always check with your insurance provider and read the policy’s small print.

What is small business insurance? 

As the name suggests, small business insurance is designed specifically for small businesses rather than large corporations. Talk to your insurance provider about what they offer.

What are the benefits of being self-employed as a tutor or teacher? 

There are various advantages to choosing the self-employment route. These include: 

  • Being able to work when and where you want
  •  Higher hourly rates
  • The possibility of picking and choosing your students
  • The potential to offset certain work-related expenses against any income tax you pay. You’ll find an overview of how this works at GOV.UK

You can also have a full-time permanent role and freelance on the side. While this can make tax returns more complicated, it can be an effective way to give your income a boost.

What are the downsides of being self-employed as a tutor or teacher? 

With the freedom of self-employment comes certain responsibilities, including the requirement to register for Self Assessment with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

You’ll also need to keep accurate business records and file a tax return based on your financial incomings and outgoings.

While you may be able to charge more per hour, you’ll lose out on the benefits available to employees, including paid holidays, overtime, sick pay, redundancy pay and maternity leave.

For advice about self-employment, take a look at the website.

How can I protect my income if I’m self-employed as a tutor or teacher? 

If you’re a self-employed private tutor, the following types of insurance could protect your income should the unexpected happen: 

Where can I find insurance for self-employed tutors and teachers? 

With us at Compare the Market. Whether you’re looking for individual insurance or a complete business package in one policy, our price comparison service can help you find the right quote for your teaching needs.

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