Am I allowed to drive other cars?

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Sometimes, we hear a myth so often that we believe it’s actually true – afterall, if enough people believe something then it must be fact – right? So, is it myth or truth that if you’ve got comprehensive car insurance then you’ve automatically got the right to drive someone else’s car?

Frequently thought questions

Some of us can be reluctant to admit that we don’t know if something’s true or not. But when it comes to your car insurance, wishful thinking won’t get you out of trouble, so here are some frequently thought questions with truthful answers about that myth of whether you can drive other cars with your comprehensive policy.

Can I drive someone else’s car with my insurance?

Driving other cars or ‘DOC’ in trade lingo used to be a standard element of comprehensive car insurance policies. Basically, it meant that if you had your own comprehensive cover then you could automatically drive someone else’s car but with third party cover only. Naturally, you would need to have the car owner’s permission too.

But times have changed and DOC is no longer included as standard cover within a comprehensive motor insurance policy so you really need to check the terms and conditions of your agreement to see if you’re covered. If you don’t have the cover to drive other cars under your policy, then there’s no way to sugar coat it – if you do it, then you’ll be breaking the law.

What cover will I have if I drive someone else’s car?

This will really depend on what your insurance policy says.

If your insurance lets you drive other cars, then it will be on a third party only basis. This means that if you’re involved in an accident with another car and you’re at fault, any damage to the car you’re driving, won’t be covered.

Your right to drive other cars might also be limited and come with certain conditions, particularly if you’re a young driver. Many insurance providers take the view that DOC cover is for emergencies only and only for drivers aged over 25. Bottom line is, to always check your policy.

Can I drive my partner’s car regularly?

If you regularly drive your partner’s car, it might be worthwhile being added as a named driver on their policy rather than relying on a ‘drive other car’ cover. Being a named driver also gives you the same level of insurance as the main driver so you can be confident that you’re both adequately covered.

If you do regularly drive someone’s car on a DOC basis and your insurance provider can prove this, then you could invalidate your policy.

Who can drive my car on my insurance?

Occasionally you might need someone else to step in for driving duty, but what are the rules on who can drive your car? Here are some things to think about:

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