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Can I use other family member’s cars on my insurance?

There’s a commonly held view that if you have your own fully comprehensive car insurance policy, you automatically have third party cover on someone else’s car.

Don't break the law!

In the past, ‘driving other cars’ or DOC cover was traditionally a standard part of fully comprehensive policies. It would allow you to drive other vehicles under third party cover provided you had the car owner’s permission.

Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. If you just assume you have the cover you could find that you’re actually breaking the law. Policies have changed over the years and it is becoming increasingly common for DOC cover not to be included as standard.

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Check your policy thoroughly

Even when DOC cover is still offered you may find there are some conditions attached, particularly when it comes to younger drivers. Most insurers see DOC cover as being for emergencies only and not simply for convenience.

It’s very important that you check your policy wording and if in any doubt to contact your insurance provider directly and ask them to confirm what cover you have.

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