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What you need to know about comprehensive car insurance

So, you need car insurance to drive, no question. Beyond that, you have some choices. At a minimum you legally have to have third party insurance, which covers the damage that you cause to other vehicles as well as injury to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. Third party, fire and theft also covers you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.


However, only comprehensive insurance cover protects your own vehicle. 


What is comprehensive car insurance?

Well, it does what it says on the tin. It covers you, any passengers, and other vehicles just like third party cover, but also your own vehicle. It protects you even if the damage you cause was your fault. 

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What does comprehensive car insurance actually cover?

Fully comprehensive cover will generally include the following:

1) Any damage to your own vehicle, including that caused in an accident or maliciously by some other person.

2) Any damage you cause on any other vehicle(s) while you are driving

3) Any injuries you, any passengers or any other driver(s) may suffer, including medical care and possibly compensation.

4) Any damage to your car as a result of a theft or attempted theft.

5) Any damage to your car caused by fire

However, if there was another driver involved in an accident with you, their insurance may cover these, if the accident was their fault.

Some comprehensive policies may cover other things, but will often cost more as a result. Common ‘add-ons’ to comprehensive cover include:

1) Legal protection or legal fees

2) Breakdown cover

3) Windscreen repair or replacement

4) Access to a courtesy car whilst yours is being repaired or replaced

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Why choose comprehensive cover?

For most people, choosing comprehensive cover is about peace of mind. Buying a comprehensive policy brings with it the highest level of cover available.

It is usually assumed that comprehensive cover is more expensive than third party cover, you might be surprised to find that it's not always the case.

Some facts and figures

We compared the prices quoted for policies throughout February 2016 and the cost of comprehensive cover was actually less than half that of third party insurance.

This might sound strange given the amount of extra cover you get with a comprehensive policy but insurers have calculated that those requesting third party cover are often the drivers presenting the most risk.

Your age can make a big difference to the cost of cover as can be seen below**:

17-25                 £959.21

26-35                 £552.20

36-45                 £405.45

46-55                 £335.49

55-65                 £268.14

66-75                 £238.84

75+                    £320.85

Again, this is due to the risk that insurers attach to each class of driver. While young drivers make up only one in eight drivers, they account for almost a quarter of accidents.

The car you drive could also have a big bearing on the cost of your comprehensive cover. For a Vauxhall Corsa the average price quoted was £705.10, a Ford Fiesta £596.93 and a Volkswagen Golf £598.75 for example across all models and ages***.

In today’s competitive car insurance market, shopping around for your comprehensive cover may save you money. Start comparing today to see what you might save. 

**Average price for comprehensive car insurance by age according to research carried out of consumers with comparethemarket.com Motor Insurance
***Average price for comprehensive car insurance by car make according to research carried out of consumers with comparethemarket.com Motor Insurance

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