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There’s no getting around it, green is the way of the future. Car manufacturers of today have realised this and so we now find ourselves with a large range of electric cars to choose from. There’s an electric car to suit almost everyone’s needs from large SUV’s, economical family cars and even high performance sports cars.


More and more people are opting for electric cars, not only because they are more environmentally friendly, but they can also help to save money. Some insurers may even offer deals for electric cars as an incentive to further a greener future. 

Is it cheaper to choose an electric cars?

There are some money saving opportunities in choosing an electric car. These can range from not having to pay vehicle tax (this may change for some cars in the upcoming road tax changes, to the London congestion charge. Therefore, not only will you save on petrol, you will could also receive a nice tax break.

Another saving may come in the form of cheaper insurance costs. This will however be dependent upon a range of factors, based on the type and model of the car and also your own information and driving history. Electric cars typically fall into lower insurance groups due to having smaller engines which typically is cheaper to insure than higher insurance groups. 

electric car
electric car

What are the most popular models of electric car?

Whilst we cannot account for the whole market, we can provide statistics from our own data which can help give a guide. The following statistics are based on comparethemarket.com data in February 2016.

The most quoted model during this time was the Nissan Leaf which consumed 47.19% of all comparison enquiries, generating an average insurance premium of £398.24. This was followed by the Renault Zoe at 17.35% with an average premium of £446.38.

Some of the more expensive models from a car insurance prospective include the Tesla Model-S (£1,202.57), Chevrolet Volt (£1,021.98) and the Citroen C1 (£3,328.82).

Whilst on the other end of the scale, the Peugeot Ion averaged a premium of only £274.94. Other more affordable models include the Renault Twizy (£260.90) and the Volkswagen E-Up! (£233.72).

These averages are based on all our customer quotes, from people with different age ranges, addresses and driving histories. You may find a cheaper or more expensive quote based on your circumstances.

Who are the best insurers for electric cars?

Insurance providers calculate your quotes via their own algorithm which assesses different risks in their own way. This means that whilst one insurer may be the best for you, it may very well not be the same result for your neighbour who drives the same car. So the best way to find this out is to carry out a car insurance comparison.

Where can I get a cheap electric car insurance quote?

With the green movement growing stronger every day, electric cars are here to stay, which means that insurance companies are constantly reviewing and upgrading their offers for electric cars. In order to help you better understand what’s on offer, compare over 100 car insurance providers with us in just a few moments to identify the best offer for you.

You can compare your options with us in just a few minutes without any obligation to purchase any of the offers. Take a look at our electric car insurance comparison service and see how much you could be saving on your electric car insurance premium today.

All average price amounts based on comparethemarket.com data in February 2016.

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