There are currently about five million electric vehicles (EVs) being driven around the world, with that number steadily rising as the drivers become more conscious of their eco-footprint and the charging infrastructure improves.

One thing that sometimes put people off buying an electric vehicle is the perception that they’re more expensive than a regular car, but is this true?

We’ve researched the cost of the world’s most popular EV, the Nissan Leaf, in 49 countries around the world to see just how much it could cost to go electric around the world.








Cheapest | 1. Spain 2. Réunion 3. Portugal
Most Expensive | 1. Singapore 2. Thailand 3. Argentina


All prices are for the latest available model of the Nissan Leaf in each country, according to the official Nissan website in each country as of Feb 2020.

Prices listed are the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and other taxes or levies may be applicable.

Note that some prices include local government incentives (for example, the UK price includes a £3,500 discount), although in some countries, further discounts may be available depending on circumstances.

Prices were converted to pounds, euros and dollars as of Feb 2020.