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Car insurance mid-term adjustment (MTA) fee

Car insurance has its own special language – it’s littered with phrases that could be out of a thriller like ‘black box insurance’ and abbreviations like NCD. And let’s be honest, most people probably don’t know what they mean and it probably doesn’t bother them. Until, that is, they’re affected by it, in which case the reaction’s normally, “I need an explanation – now!” So here it is – an explanation of one of those jargon abbreviations – MTA. 

Er – so what is MTA?

MTA stands for ‘mid-term adjustment’; it basically refers to any change made to your car insurance policy once it’s started. So for example, changing your address four months after your insurance policy began would be a mid-term adjustment.

car insurance mta fee

Why would I need a mid-term adjustment?

There are certain changes that your insurer needs to know of straight away such as if you move house. Where you live has a direct impact on the cost of your insurance as some areas are considered ‘higher risk’; so it’s bad luck if you live in London, Greater Manchester or have an IG postcode – because you live in the top three most expensive places to insure your car.

Other reasons why you might need an MTA include: adding a named driver or amending any personal details such as your job or name, changes such as where you park your car at night or how many miles you do. If you’ve been convicted of driving offences and have points on your licence, you should also tell your insurance provider. And let’s not forget – if you sell your car and buy a new one – you’ll need to let your insurance provider know.

Whether an MTA is good news or bad news for your wallet depends on the nature of the change. Some amendments will have no effect at all whilst others like adding on a named driver under 21 are likely to increase your premium considerably.

If you’re in any doubt about the sort of changes you need to make, either check your policy conditions or call your insurance provider. Better to be cautious than run the risk of invalidating your insurance because you failed to give them all the relevant information.

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Will I be charged for making a mid-term adjustment?

That depends on your insurance provider. Some providers won’t charge you at all for making MTAs but others could charge you £25 just to change your address. Don’t forget that any mid-term adjustment fees need to be paid on top of any changes to the cost of the premium.

Insurance providers set out all their fees and charges within their terms and conditions so whether you’re charged for making an MTA shouldn’t come as any surprise (assuming of course you’ve read the all your policy terms and conditions). However, if you feel the charge is unreasonably high you can challenge your insurance provider, you’ll need to explain why you feel the charge is unjust – rather than simply ‘it’s not fair’.

But before you start huffing and puffing and writing your angry letter, check your policy details, because some insurance providers won’t charge you for making amendments if you can do them yourself online.

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There’s no doubt that car insurance can be confusing but we think that making good decisions come from being informed, so if you’re a bit rusty on the subject of car insurance, read our simples guides which will make you a mastermind of car insurance (as well as a dinner party delight). Alternatively, skip the boring bits and jump straight to getting a new quote.

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