What is car insurance mid-term adjustment (MTA)?

Did you recently move into a new house? Change your name? Have your overnight parking habits changed? Here’s what you need to know about mid-term adjustments on your car insurance policy.

Daniel Hutson From the Motor team
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Why would I need a mid-term adjustment?

You would need a mid-term adjustment if you move house, want to add a named driver to your policy, need to amend personal details like your occupation/work address or your name, need to add extra information such as where you park your car at night, need to change your annual mileage, have made any modifications to your vehicle or if you were to receive a conviction.  

It’s important to request an MTA immediately in the case of any of the above situations, as neglecting to notify your insurance provider could lead to problems with your policy should you need to make a claim.

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Whether an MTA is good news or bad news for your wallet depends on the nature of the change. Some amendments will have no effect at all while others, like adding a named driver under the age of 21, are likely to increase your premium considerably.

If you’re in any doubt about the sort of changes you need to make, either check your policy conditions or call your insurance provider. Better to be cautious than run the risk of invalidating your insurance because you failed to give them all the relevant information.

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How much does a mid-term adjustment cost?

The cost of a mid-term adjustment will vary – it depends on your insurance provider, so check your policy for details. Some providers won’t charge you at all for making MTAs, but others could charge you £25 just to change your address. Don’t forget that any mid-term adjustment fees need to be paid, in addition to any changes to the cost of the premium.

Insurance providers set out all their fees and charges within their terms and conditions, so whether you’re charged for making an MTA shouldn’t come as any surprise (assuming of course you’ve read the all your policy terms and conditions). However, if you feel the charge is unreasonably high, you can challenge your insurance provider. In this case, you’ll need to explain why you feel the charge is unjust – rather than simply stating ‘it’s not fair’.

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