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Pass Plus Scheme - Impact on Car Insurance

Every year, new drivers all over the UK take Pass Plus courses in an effort to become safer drivers, but also in the hope of qualifying for a substantial drop in what they can expect to pay for their car insurance

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What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is an extra driving qualification, over and above the driver’s test which gets you your licence. It involves gaining practical experience dealing with situations which most students haven’t covered in standard driving lessons. It also includes testing on skills they wouldn’t have been tested on before getting their licence. The theory is then that you’ll be less likely to be involved an accident on the road, which will not only keep you safe, but could mean you are less of a risk to your insurer. And if your insurer sees you as a less of a risk, that could, result in lower premiums.

Note: You cannot take your Pass Plus certification before gaining your licence. 

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 What does the Pass Plus course cover?

Driving in town: This section is also covered by standard driver’s training courses, but is handled in a much more detailed fashion. Most of us will do the majority of our driving in town, so this should help build confidence in this area and help make you a safer driver.

Driving on smaller, rural roads: if you do a lot of driving in the countryside, you already know just how narrow these roads can be (and how fast people like to drive on them). Accidents on rural roads are quite common, so this part of the test is worth taking as it teaches you how to avoid them.

Motorway Driving: again, most young drivers may have had some experience on the motorway following their driving test, but accident statistics show that most UK drivers can still benefit from additional skills. By spending more time learning on the motorway, Pass Plus can help to consolidate drivers’ skills and make them more reliable on busy roads.

Dual Carriageway Driving: This is less likely to be covered in detail by a basic driving instructor. These are some of the UK’s fastest roads, so a little bit of extra training can make all the difference.

Driving in Poor Weather Conditions: most young drivers are told to avoid driving in bad conditions. Good advice when you’re new to the road, but what happens when you need to do it? Gaining these skills in a formal setting is much safer than by trial and error.

Driving at Night: night-time driving requires more than just a good set of headlights. Reduced visibility can be a challenge to new drivers both in the city and the countryside.

Driving in Heavy Traffic: it’s not just about the patience to go slowly. Anyone who’s had to change lanes on a packed motorway can tell you that basic driver training does not give you the skills to do this safely as motorway skills aren’t covered in driving tests and it’s hard to recreate the setting when practising.


How much does Pass Plus cost?

That all depends on which instructor you use and where you take the test. An average for Pass Plus courses all over the UK would be somewhere in the £180 range, but some instructors charge a lot less. 

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What kind of discounts can Pass Plus drivers get?

According to DirectGov, not all insurers offer Pass Plus discounts. Check with your insurer that they offer a discount. You’ll need your Pass Plus certificate.

You can compare car insurance, with and without a Pass Plus certificate with us now, and see if you could save.

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So, is it worth taking the Pass Plus course?

That depends. You could say that being a safer driver is definitely worth a few hundred pounds. But the question you want answered is whether it makes financial sense.

The answer is that if your chosen insurance company offers a substantial Pass Plus discount, you will may save the money you spent on the course on lower premiums eventually, especially when you consider that you could accumulate a good no-claims bonus sooner if you have the skills to avoid any accidents. But, if your insurance company doesn’t offer a discount, you won’t save any money just for being certified.

So if you’d like to save money, you can compare car insurance providers and products now and see what cheaper deals are on offer. 

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