Compare BMW Z Series car insurance

Who are BMW Z Series?

The BMW Z Series is a two-seater sports car, produced by German automobile giant BMW. The Z1 was the first model to be launched in the 1980s.  
In the 1990s, the Z3 gained fame as the first non-British car featured in the James Bond franchise, before being eclipsed by the stunning and sporty Z4 in 2002.  
Today, the most popular model is the Z4 roadster. Launched in 2009, it was the first of the series to feature a retractable hardtop roof. The latest version, available from 2019, has reverted back to its soft-top origins, offering a lighter and more comfortable drive. 
Considering its high performance, the newer versions of the Z4 aren’t as thirsty as you’d think, thanks to BMW’s EfficientDynamics Programme, which features fuel-saving Brake Energy Regeneration. Running costs range from 18-45 mpg, while CO2 emissions are between 138g/km and 231g/km – depending on the model. 

Frequently asked questions

How much does a BMW Z Series cost to insure?

Because of its power, value and possible theft-appeal, the BMW Z Series falls into the higher car insurance group categories, typically between groups 34 and 43.  
However, other factors are considered when calculating the cost of car insurance, such as where the car is parked overnight, where you live, and even your job title.

Can I cut the cost of my BMW Z Series car insurance?

Building up a good no claims discount is one of the ideal ways to help keep the cost of your car insurance down.  
If you only take your sporty BMW Z out in warm weather, your annual mileage will also be taken into account.  
Check out our top tips for cheaper car insurance for more ways to help cut the cost of your premium.  

Where can I find BMW Z Series car insurance?

You can find a list of suitable car insurance quotes for your BMW Z Series through Compare the Market’s price comparison service. It only takes a few minutes and could be the ideal way to find a cheaper deal.  
If you’d like to see how BMW Z Series insurance costs compare with rivals such as Mercedes and Porsche, check out our car manufacturers hub for a list of other makes, models and brands.