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Compare Fiat 500 car insurance

Why choose a Fiat 500? 

Cute retro styling and an irresistible sense of fun have made the Fiat 500 a huge hit in the British car market since it burst on to the scene in 2008.  
Small in size but big in character, this much-loved city car is particularly popular with new and young drivers thanks to its low running costs and affordable insurance. It’s a nimble car that’s ideal for short journeys, and it’s simple to park.  
The new Fiat 500 is still turning heads over a decade after its release. But there’s more substance to it than just its looks.  
This time around, it offers a hybrid engine alongside its more powerful TwinAir turbo, designed to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. 
Its smart tech includes an infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay. 

What insurance group is my Fiat 500 in?

Model Insurance group Tax bracket
500 5-15 A-F
500C 9-18 A-G
500L 7-20 B-I
500X 5-16 B-I
500L MPW 8-17 B-F

Frequently asked questions

What Fiat 500 models are available?

The traditional Fiat 500 is available as a three-door hatchback, and there’s a variety of engine sizes and trim levels to choose from. The latest editions include the Star model which comes in an elegant metallic pink colour, and the sporty Rockstar, with its ‘Matt Portofino’ green paint and satin chrome. 
The Fiat 500 has spawned a raft of other body styles too, including the cool 500C convertible and the family-friendly 500X crossover and 500L compact MPV.

How much fuel does the Fiat 500 use?

Fuel consumption depends on a variety of factors, including engine type and driving efficiency. The Fiat 500’s fuel economy ranges between 43 and 83 miles per gallon. A 500 with a 0.9-litre TwinAir turbo petrol engine, for example, can do up to 74 miles to the gallon. 
This is based on data compiled by the Vehicle Certification Agency. As the fuel consumption figures were obtained under specific test conditions, they may not always be achieved in real-world driving conditions.

Can I get an electric or hybrid Fiat 500?

The new Fiat 500 Hybrid has been created with ‘mild-hybrid' technology. This means its 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine has been paired with a tiny electric motor and lithium ion battery, promising lower CO2 emissions and better fuel economy. It’s the first step in Fiat’s electrification strategy, but it can’t be plugged in or travel on electric power alone.  
An all-electric Fiat 500 is scheduled to be launched later in 2020.

How safe is the Fiat 500?

The Fiat’s safety rating doesn’t compare well with other city cars. This is largely due to its lack of advanced safety technology such as autonomous emergency braking. It was only given a three-star rating when it was last independently assessed in 2017 Euro NCAP crash tests.

  • Adult occupant safety: 66% 
  • Child occupant safety: 49% 
  • Pedestrian safety: 53% 
  • Safety assist: 27% 

How much does a Fiat 500 cost?

To buy new, a Fiat 500 starts from £12,375 and rises to over £20,000 for the 500X Cross Look. The new hybrid version of the 500 starts from £12,665. 
Used models are available for a range of budgets. For example, you can buy a second-hand 2017 Pop model for less than £6,500, or a 2011 Lounge model for around £3,000.

Can I cut the cost of my Fiat 500 insurance?

Yes, there are things you can do that may help to reduce your car insurance premiums on your Fiat 500. For instance, you may want to consider avoiding modifications, limiting your mileage and building up a no-claims discount.   
Also, it’s important to remember that the make and model of your car isn’t the only thing that determines the cost of your car insurance. Insurance providers will also keep other factors in mind, including your age, where you live and how long you’ve been driving. 

Where can I find Fiat 500 car insurance?

You can compare car insurance quotes with us at Compare the Market. 
We’ll source quotes from a wide range of insurance providers, so you get to choose a great offer to fit in with your needs and budget.   
Own a different make of car? Visit our manufacturers page to do more research, including on how to possibly reduce your premiums. 

What do I need to get a quote? 

To get a Fiat 500 car insurance quote you’ll need to provide us with your: 

  • name, age and address 
  • registration number or model and age of car 
  • annual mileage 
  • job title 
  • length of no-claims discount  
  • details of your driving history, such as accidents and motoring convictions 
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What our expert says...

“These little cars prove that dynamite really does come in small packages. They’re powerful yet affordable. Depending on the type of Fiat 500 you drive, and which insurance group it falls into, you’ll pay a slightly different premium. The good news is that most Fiat 500s fall between groups 5-18.”

- Alex Hasty, Motor insurance exper