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Compare Fiat Punto car insurance

Who are Fiat?

The legendary Italian carmaker can trace its history back to 1899, when it launched its very first car, the Fiat 4 HP. Today the Fiat brand is popular all over the world, particularly in Brazil, where it sells more cars than any other manufacturer.   

Fiat launched the Punto in 1993 as a supermini to replace the then-tired Uno. And judging by the number of enquiries we receive, it’s the most popular of all Fiat’s cars, beating even the much-adored 500.  

So, what’s so great about it? Reviewers on the AA website love its low running costs and fuel consumption, its reliability and its nippy performance. And for a car that’s classed as a supermini, it gives you plenty of space. It’s a hatchback with plenty of room for all the family. It doesn’t hurt that it looks good, either. Go for a new one and you’ll get a choice of colours, trim, engine and wheels.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Fiat Punto cost to insure?

You may well find you receive a different quote. That’s because, when they calculate your quote, insurance providers take into account all sorts of factors, such as your age, driving experience and postcode. They’ll also want to know how you use the car, your annual mileage and what you do for a living.  

Something else they’ll consider is which insurance group the car belongs to. Insurance groups are numbered 1-50, and the lower the group number, the lower your premium could be.

Here’s a guide to some Punto models and their insurance groups:

Model Insurance Group
Pop Groups 6-11
Pop + Groups 8-10
TwinAir Group 11
Easy Groups 7-15
Easy + Groups 8-10
Lounge Groups 9-19
Sporting Groups 11-16
GBT Groups 8-16


Can I cut the cost of my Fiat Punto insurance?

First of all, it helps to think about what factors impact on your car insurance and seeing if there’s anything you can do to lower yours.

Certainly, you’ll want to use your no claims bonus if you have one. If you’re too young or inexperienced a driver to have built one up, it could be worth getting a telematics policy. Another option is to add an older, more experienced driver to your policy, but be aware of fronting.

Where can I find Fiat Punto insurance?

Comparing with us could be the best way to find a cheaper deal. Simply give us a few details about yourself and your car, and we’ll give you a list of quotes from trusted insurance providers. It couldn’t be easier.  

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