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Compare Ford car insurance

Who are Ford?

Back in 1903, Henry Ford had a vision to make car ownership practical and affordable for everyone. He ended up inventing the assembly line and car production as we know it today. 

Classic Fords include the Cortina, launched in 1962, and the Mustang, which was introduced two years later. Fast-forward to today and Ford’s most sought-after car is the Fiesta – certainly it’s the car we receive the most enquiries about. We’re not the only people to give it accolades, either – Top Gear magazine named it the Supermini of the Year 2017. 

Almost as popular as the Fiesta is the Ford Focus, a spacious family car packed with advanced features like driver-assist technology and Active Park Assist.  

Today, Ford is the second-biggest carmaker in the US and the fifth biggest in the world. The company remains in the control of the Ford family and is one of the world’s biggest family-run firms.

Frequently asked questions

Can I cut the cost of my Ford insurance?

If you’re a young driver, you may benefit from a telematics insurance policy. You could also add a more experienced driver – a parent, for example – to your policy. Just make sure you’re still the main driver, otherwise you’ll be guilty of fronting.

Where can I find Ford insurance?

Whether you’re a new or experienced roadster, it’s worth shopping around to find the perfect policy for you. Compare car insurance to see if you can save.  

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