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Compare Ford Focus car insurance

Why choose a Ford Focus? 

With its stylish design, excellent handling and great value for money, the Ford Focus is one of the most popular family cars around.

In fact, it’s the second most common car on UK roads, behind another of Ford’s big hitters, the Fiesta.

The Focus was introduced in 1998 as a successor to the Ford Escort. Over the years, it’s evolved to keep up with the latest motoring trends, while still retaining its reliability and practicality.

The new Ford Focus is available with a range of powerful and fuel-efficient engines. Plus, it’s loaded with smart tech. For example, adaptive cruise control, active braking, and park assist to give you a smooth, safe drive.

Frequently asked questions

What Ford Focus models are available?

The Focus is available as a 3-door or 5-door hatchback, as well as an estate. There’s a vast array of models to choose from, ranging from the economical 1.0-litre EcoBoost Style to the sporty 2.0-litre ST.

What insurance group is my Ford Focus in?

You can have a look to see what insurance group your car falls under using our group checker.

Model Insurance group  Tax bracket 
Style  6-16 A-F
Zetec  8-19 A-F
Titanium  10-20 A-G
ST  34 G-J
Zetec Estate   11-19 A-F

How much fuel does the Ford Focus use?

Fuel consumption depends on a variety of factors, including engine type and driving efficiency, but the Ford Focus’s fuel economy ranges between 34 and 74 miles per gallon (mpg). A Focus with an EcoBoost engine reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. For example, a petrol Focus 1.0 EcoBoost is capable of at least 60 miles to the gallon.^

^ This is based on data compiled by the Vehicle Certification Agency. As the fuel consumption figures were obtained under specific test conditions, they may not always be achieved in real-world driving conditions.

Can I get an electric or hybrid Ford Focus?

The little-known Focus Electric was Ford’s first all-electric car, launched in the US before it arrived in the UK in 2013. But it failed to take off, even as a fleet vehicle.

Not to be deterred, Ford says it will launch a hybrid version of the Focus by the end of 2020, as part of a significant rollout of electrified vehicles. The Focus EcoBoost Hybrid is expected to pair Ford’s 1.0-litre EcoBoost engine with a 48-volt belt-driven starter motor. It should deliver zero emissions over a certain range.

How safe is the Ford Focus?

The Focus has an excellent safety track record. It received the top five-star rating when it was independently assessed in 2019 Euro NCAP crash tests, scoring exceptionally well for both driver and passenger safety:

  • Adult occupant safety: 96%
  • Child occupant safety: 87%
  • Pedestrian safety: 72%
  • Safety assist: 75%

The newer Ford Focus models also have a range of driver assist features to help you stay safer on the roads.

How much does a Ford Focus cost?

To buy new, a Ford Focus costs from £20,435 and rises to £29,205 depending on the version.

Used models are available for almost any budget. For instance, you can buy a second-hand 2018 EcoBoost Zetec for around £13,000, or a 2010 1.6 Titanium for less than £4,500.

Can I cut the cost of my Ford Focus insurance?

You might save money on car insurance for your Ford Focus by taking out  telematics insurance or adding a more experienced, named driver to your policy (just be careful of ‘fronting’). Adding extra safety features to your car could also help towards getting you a discount.

Where can I find Ford Focus car insurance?

We’ve gathered information on some of the top insurance providers for Ford Focus. But it’s worth remembering that you’ll have your own policy requirements, so compare quotes to find the right policy for you.

Want to know more about the average cost of car insurance for other makes and models? Then visit our manufacturers page.

For more information on car insurance and to start a quote, click here.

What do I need to get a quote?

To get a Ford Focus car insurance quote, you’ll need to provide us with your:

  • Name, age and address
  • Registration number or model and age of car
  • Annual mileage
  • Job title
  • Length of no-claims discount
  • Details of your driving history. For example, any accidents and motoring convictions
Author image Julie Daniels

What our expert says...

“The Ford Focus is a mainstay of the British motoring scene and has been ferrying families around for over two decades. Running costs depend on a number of factors, including which insurance group your model falls into. While the 2.0-litre models offer more power, they also cost more to insure, which is something you may need to consider before choosing your next car.”

- Julie Daniels, Motor insurance expert