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Compare Hyundai car insurance

Who are Hyundai?

South Korea’s leading car manufacturers began life as a small repair shop back in 1947. Twenty years later, the Hyundai Motor Company was established. Their very first car, the Pony, went into production in 1974.

Today’s vehicles include the stylish and practical ‘i’ range, ranging from the small city hatchbacks, the i10 and i20, to the larger i30 Tourer and sleek i40 Saloon.

The newly revived SUV Hyundai Tucson offers a refined drive and reasonable running costs, making it a worthy rival for the Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to insure Hyundai cars?

As with all makes and models, Hyundai insurance costs will factor in your age, driving experience and even where you live. The cost of your policy will also depend on which insurance group your Hyundai falls into. 

Model Insurance Group
Tucson 12-25
iX35 14-22
Santa Fe 18-30
i10 1-7
i40 12-20
i20 4-15
i30 8-28
Coupe 16-28


Can I cut the cost of my Hyundai insurance?

With running costs for young drivers on the rise, even a Hyundai could be expensive to insure for drivers under 25.

Luckily there are ways that could reduce your insurance premium. These include:

For more ways that could help cut the cost of your premium, check out our tips for cheap car insurance.

Where can I find Hyundai car insurance?

Whether you’re looking for a cheaper quote for your Hyundai, or you’re buying a Hyundai and you want to find out how car insurance quotes compare, comparing with us is easy.

Once we have your details, we’ll send you quotes from a wide range of trusted insurance providers, so you can find the right deal for you and your Hyundai.

And if you want to compare Hyundai car insurance with other brands, check out our car manufacturers hub to get an overview of average premiums for different makes and models.