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Compare Hyundai i10 car insurance

Who are hyundai? 

You may not be too familiar with Hyundai cars, but this South Korean brand is, in fact, the world’s third-largest car manufacturer. The cars are sold in some 193 countries, with the US making up one of its biggest markets.  

Hyundai makes a host of SUVs and executive cars, but the i10 is the smallest of the bunch. But, as Hyundai itself says, you don’t have to be big to be great.  

The i10 is considered one of the best city cars on the market – no mean feat with the likes of VW’s Up! vying for attention. This is a reliable car that gives you Hyundai’s unlimited mileage five-year warranty.  

It’s also got the biggest boot of all the city cars, allowing you a full 252 litres of luggage room. Wide-opening doors and a high roof make it practical for getting kids (and car seats) in and out.  

The i20 gives you all the advantages of a compact city car, such as easy parking and low running costs. And brand-new models really won’t break the bank. The insurance is affordable too.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Hyundai i10 cost to insure?

Insurance providers take into account all sorts of factors when calculating your premium, not least your age, driving experience and where you live. They’ll also want to know your annual mileage, how you use the car and even what you do for a living

Another factor they’ll consider is what insurance group the car belongs to. Insurance groups are numbered 1-50 and, as a general rule, the lower the group number, the lower your insurance will be.  

Here’s a guide to some Hyundai i10 models and their insurance groups:

Model Insurance Group
S Group 1
S Air Group 1
SE Groups 1-4
SE Blue Group 1
Go! Special Edition Group 2
Premium Groups 1-4
Premium SE Group 5


Can I cut the cost of my Hyundai insurance?

You can potentially reduce your premium by making the most of your no claims bonus. If you’re a good driver but don’t have much experience on the road, you could also think about a telematics policy.  

You might want to consider paying a higher voluntary excess. And do your research before you decide to modify your car as you could find insurance providers up your premium as a result.

Where can I find Hyundai insurance?

Looking to insure a Hyundai i20? Comparing with us could be the best way to find a cheaper deal. Just give us a bit of info about yourself and your car, and we’ll give you a list of quotes from insurance providers. All you do is choose the deal that suits your needs.  

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