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Compare Suzuki Swift car insurance

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Who are Suzuki?

Having been around for more than a century, Japanese giants Suzuki certainly know a thing or two about engineering. The Suzuki Swift, which began life in 1983, is one of the brand’s most popular cars, with several successful redesigns under its belt.

Even so, the Suzuki Swift is often overlooked in favour of the more popular kids, like the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and VW Golf. That’s a shame, because this stylish little runaround has a lot going for it.

It has sporty good looks, as well as being compact, easy to handle and enjoyable to drive. It’s also super-safe, with airbags, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control all standard features.

The latest models offer features like a six-speed automatic transmission, as well as digital radio and Bluetooth hands-free connectivity.

But perhaps the most notable about the Suzuki Swift is that it’s budget friendly, with low running costs and relatively low insurance groupings.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a Suzuki Swift cost to insure?

Insurance providers take into account a lot of factors when preparing your quote, such as your age, driving experience and where you live.  

Something else insurance providers will consider is what insurance group the car belongs to. There are 50 insurance groups. They’re numbered 1-50 and, as a rule, the lower the insurance group, the lower your premium will be.  

The Suzuki Swift belongs in group 9-23, depending on which model you go for. That’s fairly low, albeit not as low as some other cars in the supermini market.

Can I cut the cost of my Suzuki Swift insurance?

The easiest way to cut the cost of your car insurance is to build up your no claims bonus. If you’re a young driver who hasn’t had chance to build one, you might want to think about a telematics policy.

And insurance providers may give you a discount if you beef up your security with a car alarm and tracker, and keep your car securely parked overnight.

Where can I find Suzuki Swift insurance?

You don’t need to spend hours trawling different insurance providers. Simply give us a few details about yourself and your car and we’ll do the rest. We’ll get you a choice selection of quotes from the UK’s leading insurance providers, and you can choose the policy that most suits your needs.