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Toyota Aygo car insurance

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Why choose a Toyota Aygo?

The Toyota Aygo has earned numerous plaudits since it launched in 2005. It recently won the Sunday Times Motors 2022 Award for city/small car of the year.

And it’s easy to see why. Among other things, this affordable runaround gives you sophisticated design, an elevated driving position and striking alloy wheels.

The latest Toyota Aygo X model has smartphone integration, giving you the latest tech at your fingertips. Meanwhile, cameras and sensors make parking a breeze.

What insurance group is my Toyota Aygo in?

The good news is that the Toyota Aygo sits in the lower insurance groups, which makes it cheaper to insure. Every car is categorised in an insurance group between 1 and 50, with group 1 cars being the cheapest to insure.

However, the insurance group your Toyota Aygo belongs to will depend on a few factors, including the exact model type you own and when you bought your car. The engine size, transmission and fuel type will also have a bearing.

Here are some examples of typical insurance groups for the Toyota Aygo.

To find out which insurance group your Toyota Aygo belongs to, use our car insurance group checker.

Model Insurance group
Toyota Aygo + 2
Toyota Aygo X VVT-i 8
Toyota Aygo X-cite 2 VVT-i 9

What affects the cost of my Toyota Aygo insurance?

Your Toyota Aygo’s insurance group isn’t the only factor that affects the price of your car insurance. How much you pay for your premium will also depend on things like where you live, how old you are, and how experienced a driver you are.

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What cover do I need for my Toyota Aygo?

There are three types of car insurance for your Toyota Ago. Choose between:

  • Comprehensive car insurance gives you the highest level of cover. Both you and your car are covered if you have an accident – no matter who’s at fault
  • Third party fire and theft provides the same cover as third party, but you’ll also be insured if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. It won’t protect you or your Toyota Aygo if you’re in an accident and it’s your fault.
  • Third-party insurance – this is the lowest level of cover and the minimum the law requires. Third-party car insurance covers damage to another driver’s car if you’re at fault. But unfortunately your car won’t be covered.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is cheapest type of insurance, since it gives you the least amount of cover. But insurance providers often charge more for third-party insurance as they consider the drivers who choose it to be high risk.

What extras can I add to my Toyota Aygo car insurance policy?

If you’d like Toyota Aygo car insurance that covers all the bases, you might want to pay to add these extras to your policy:

Breakdown cover

can give you roadside assistance if your Toyota Aygo breaks down.

Personal belongings cover

Personal belongings cover protects your possessions if they’re stolen from your car or damaged in an accident.

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance means that if you (or your partner) are seriously injured or killed in a car accident, one of you will at least receive a pay-out.

Motor legal protection

Motor legal protection could help cover solicitors’ fees if someone makes a claim against you.

Windscreen cover

can pay for repairing or replacing your windscreen.

Lost keys cover

Lost keys cover pays for replacing lost or stolen keys.

Courtesy car cover 

Courtesy car insurance means you’ll have a replacement car if your Toyota Aygo is being repaired. This could be a must-have if you need your car to get to work.

European breakdown cover

European breakdown cover means you’ll be covered while you’re on holiday on the continent.

No claims discount protection

No claims discount protection lets you keep your no-claims discount, even if you make a claim on your insurance.

Why compare Toyota Aygo car insurance with Compare the Market?

Even though the Toyota Aygo is relatively cheap to insure, you’ll still want to get a great price for your policy. The best way to do that is to shop around, and Compare the Market makes this easy for you.

We can compare policies from 58 insurance providers[1]. That makes it easier to find the right one.

And you could save money, too:

51% of Compare the Market customers could save up to £411[2] on their car insurance.

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[1] Correct as of March 2023

[2]Based on online independent research by Consumer Intelligence during February 2023, 51% of customers could achieve this saving on their car insurance through Compare the Market.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get cheaper car insurance for my Toyota Aygo?

Looking to get cheaper car insurance for your Toyota Aygo? Assuming you’ve already shopped around, there are other ways you can lower the cost of your policy.

One is to pay for a year of insurance upfront. That way you’ll avoid the interest charged on monthly payments.

You can also increase your excess, improve your car’s security, and park off road.

How much is a Toyota Aygo?

A brand-new Toyota Aygo X comes in at £15,990, making it a great bet for anyone looking for an economical city car. 

Which cars are similar to a Toyota Aygo?

If you’re looking for something similar to a Toyota Aygo, you might want to check out the Citröen C1 or Peugeot 108. 

How safe is a Toyota Aygo?

The 2017 Toyota Aygo has a three-star Euro NCAP rating, scoring 74% for adult occupants.